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Ke Jie went undefeated in the third round of the Asian Games

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                                                Ke Jie went undefeated in the third round of the Asian Games

Special reporter reported on the morning of September 25, the 2023 Asian Games Go men's individual group stage of the third round in Hangzhou intelligence building, the two Chinese players won, Ke Jie nine duan Tu Long won the Japanese Go "first man" Yili Liao nine duan, Yang Dingxin nine duan won Hong Kong Chen Zhixuan, this afternoon at 3 PM to continue the fourth round of the game.


Yesterday after two rounds, Group A Shen Zhen 谞 9th Dan, Xu Haohong 9th Dan, Shiino Humaru 9th Dan (first round empty) and Group B Ke Jie 9th Dan, Yiliao 9th Dan, Kang Zhanbin 6th Dan (first round empty) six people all score 4 points in the lead, today the third round of two groups all winners, Ke Jie and Yiliao have played 5 times before, Ke Jie leads 4-1. However, the last time the two met in 2019, the Dragon Star War, has not been fought for four years.

The prelude of the white Yili Liao early in the upper left corner of the AI play, but by black chess blocked inside, always black chess more profitable. When the peripheral black chess head, the upper and lower two white chess to form an offensive, occupy the initiative.

Bottom plate handover, Ke Jie a nose top like clever real clumsy, black chess had to go through all the way, and white chess is outside the potential, but to the abdomen black block faint offensive, win rate reversal. Ke Jie then seek to break the periphery of the white chess, manufacture fighters, the two sides form a big switch, black chess will swallow the entire right lower white horn whale, far ahead in the field, but the black block in the middle abdomen is blocked by white chess, also must do work.

Just unexpected is that one force Liao does not wait for black chess to do the eye, hurriedly break the eye to kill, and quickly introduce the chess game to the Jedi. Ke Jie the following as the treatment of solitary performance, a variety of digging, broken hand tendons frequently, in the periphery of the white chess to form anti-kill, white chess chunks were eaten, a force Liao no fighting spirit, throw in defeat.

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