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It was in which Asian Games did chess become an official event for the first time

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                                                              It was in which Asian Games did chess become an official event for the first time

The first time chess became an official competition was at the Guangzhou Asian Games

I. Chess

Chinese chess is a kind of chess which originated in China and belongs to the antagonistic game of two people. It has a long history in China. Because the equipment is simple and interesting, it has become a very popular chess activity.

Chinese chess is the Chinese chess culture and the cultural treasure of the Chinese nation. It has a long history, strong interest and simple and easy to understand basic rules. Chinese chess is far from popular in China

Chinese chess uses a square checkerboard, a total of 32 round pieces, red and black each with 16 pieces, placed and moved on the intersection point. After the game begins, the two sides alternate and eliminate the opponent's emperor pieces (" generals "or" Shuai ") to win.

Two, the chess board

The place where the pieces move is called the "chessboard". On the plane of the square, composed of nine parallel vertical lines and ten parallel horizontal lines intersect, a total of 90 crossing points, the chess pieces are placed on the crossing points. The middle part, that is, the blank space between the fifth and sixth horizontal lines of the board without vertical lines, is called the "river boundary". Far more than Weiqi, is the most popular chess game, Chinese chess has been spread to more than a dozen countries and regions.

The middle of the two ends, that is, the square part between the fourth to sixth vertical lines of the two ends, where the diagonal cross lines form the "meter" square, is called the "nine palace" (it has exactly nine crossing points). The whole board is divided into two equal parts by "river boundary".

For the convenience of game recording and learning chess, the current rules stipulate that each vertical line of the red side is represented by the Chinese numbers 1-9 from right to left according to nine vertical lines, and each vertical line of the black side is represented by the Arabic numbers "1" to "9".

Before the game begins, both red and black players should place their pieces in the specified positions. Every time any piece takes a step, it writes "forward" for advance, "retreat" for retreat, and "flat" if it goes sideways like a car.

Three, chess rules

Chinese chess is a kind of two-person antagonistic game in which two people take turns to play the game, following the combat idea of "subjugate the enemy without fighting, and the good one is also good" in ancient Sun Tzu's Art of war, and winning by "checkmate" or "trap" the opponent's general (handsome).

In the game, the side who plays the red chess moves first, and the two sides take turns to move one move each until they win, lose, and draw, and the game is over. In chess games, people can improve their thinking ability from the changes of complex relations such as attack and defense, virtual and real, whole and local.

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