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How to play chess effectively?

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                                                                                                                                              How to play chess effectively?

Learning to repeat, can effectively increase chess, and can effectively train children's expression ability, reflection is one of our important teaching links, but also can benefit children's lifelong ability.

How to make a copy? First of all, we must carefully record it, and put it out step by step on the chessboard to think about whether there is a serious feeding and leaking situation. To be able to ask questions, to think, to think about this game of chess where the good, where the bad, the bad problem? What would be a better way? And make notes on the chess charts and so on. It is mainly to let the chess players develop good habits and cultivate the imagination of space in the mind.


The disc is divided into three stages: opening, middle and ending

Opening: The first dozen rounds of the opening, whether there is a problem, whether the spectrum is caused by passivity, the general moves and traps of the opening need to be mastered, if the opening is always wrong, it needs to be a period of time of the opening back spectrum (click for training) deliberate training.

Middle game: If the chosen opening is OK, look for flaws in theoretical knowledge. For example, in the middle of the attack, tactical mistakes and omissions, you need to repeatedly observe, carefully think, the thinking intention at that time, where the mistakes and so on.

Endgame: For example, the balance of power endgame is often lost, the king's endgame is very weak, and so on, you must seek books or find a coach or use chess software to help you analyze the replay, because your level is limited, the depth of research is not enough, there are some key points you are not easy to understand clearly, especially with a strategic situation, to understand from the theoretical height, which is the key to improve your level. In addition, the disassembly of some important changes can often broaden your horizons, not only to learn the theory, but also to learn the method of complex analysis.

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