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How to play checkers!。

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                                                                                                                How to play checkers!

How to play checkers

If you want to play checkers well, you must first know the checkers board, pieces, moves, eating rules and the distinction between wins and losses

A chessboard;

The chessboard is a square composed of one hundred small squares arranged in two different colors (i.e. :10 small squares X10 small squares). The dark small squares have Arabic numbers called chess positions, and the numbers are used as chess records.

Chess pieces;

The chess pieces are cylindrical, twenty black and white pieces each, with ribbed surfaces, which are called "pawns". Turning the pawns over (or folding the pawns together) is a "king "(the pawns jump to the opponent's bottom line and become" Kings "or" king chess ").

The original placement of the pieces

Before the chess, the board is placed in the middle of the players, the bottom left corner of the two sides facing the board is black, the black soldier is placed on the chess position from 1 to 20, the white soldier is placed on the chess position from 31 to 50, and the white chess player starts the game first.


Moving moves

All pieces walk in the black box.

1. Soldier moves

The move of the soldier is: can only move forward one square, can not retreat.

2, the soldier jump to eat

The jumping of the pawn is: the black and white two pieces are closely connected on a diagonal line, if it is the turn of a party to play chess, the opposite side of the chess pieces just before and after the empty chess pieces can skip the other side's pieces, then you can skip the other side's pieces to be eaten by the skip pieces, and removed from the board (see figure).

3, the soldier's jump

A pawn's jump is that after jumping over the opponent's piece, he meets a piece that can be skipped, so he can continuously jump over it, eat the jumped piece, and remove it from the board once (see the figure below). The move of the soldier is not backward, but when it encounters a jump or continuous jump, it can retreat or eat.

4, the ascension of soldiers

Before the game starts, the pieces placed on the board by both sides are pawns, and during the game, the pawns, by walking to or jumping to the opponent's bottom line, can be promoted to "king". The newly promoted king can not enjoy the right to the king's moves until the next step.

In the course of the game, a soldier who walks to or jumps to the other side's bottom line without stopping (that is, passing halfway) can not be promoted to "king".

5. The King's moves

The king's move is: the king can advance and retreat on any diagonal line it is located on, and there is no limit to the number of squares. (Chess like elephant moves)

6. King's jump to eat

The king's jump is that the king and the other chess pieces meet on the same diagonal line, no matter how many chess positions are apart, as long as there are empty chess positions before and after the other chess pieces, then the king can jump over and eat the other chess pieces, and jump to skip the other chess pieces before and after the empty space.

7. The King's jump

The king's company jump is basically the same as the soldier's company jump, but there is no limit to the distance.

Eating rule

1. You have to eat

Whenever there is a chance to jump or even jump, regardless of whether it is beneficial to themselves, they must continuously jump or skip, especially the king. If there is a continuous jump situation, you must jump all the pieces of the other side until there is no more jumping to stop.

2, eat most pieces (must eat more can not eat less)

If there are two routes or two pieces that can eat each other's pieces, then it is necessary to eat more pieces regardless of whether it is beneficial to oneself. For example, you can eat each other's pieces on two routes at the same time, you can eat 3 pieces on one route, and you can eat 2 pieces on the other route, you must jump and eat 3 pieces first. According to the rules, black must eat most of the pieces, and white will eat four pieces of black and finally win.

3. Turkey strikes

When jumping, the king or pawn must jump all the pieces that the other side may skip before they can remove the other side's jumped pieces from the board at once. It is not allowed to jump a piece (piece) to take a piece (piece) in a game, nor is it allowed to repeatedly skip the same piece of the opponent twice. The method of taking advantage of this rule is called Turkey strike.

End of game

1, all the pieces are eaten by the other side as a negative chess.

2, the remaining pieces on the board, blocked by the other side, no children can move for negative chess.

3. The game is a draw when there is no possibility of defeating the other side at the end.

Fold and draw

1 If the same situation is repeated for a third time, it is the turn of the same side each time, and the result of the game is a sum.

2 In 25 consecutive turns, both sides have moved only the king, and have not moved any ordinary pieces, nor eaten any of them, and the result of the game is a sum.

3 If there are three Kings on the board, or two Kings and one ordinary piece, or one king and two ordinary pieces against the opposing single king, each player of the two sides will make a sum after a maximum of 16 moves.

4 If there are two Kings on the board, or a king and a common piece, or a king against the opponent's single king end, each player of the two sides will make a sum after a maximum of 5 moves.

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