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How to choose a bowling ball?

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The origin of bowling may be traced back to ancient Egypt in 5200 BC, where people found marble balls and bowling pins similar to modern bowling. In the 13th-century German churches, a game of "Ninepins" was popular to test the degree of believers' faith in religion. The following is a collection of suggestions on how to choose a set of bowling balls that suits you, and I hope it will be helpful to you!


How to choose a bowling ball

When choosing a bowling set, you can place the ball in your palm for comparison. If you can support it for half a minute, this ball will suit you. You also can choose a lighter plastic bowling ball, but the power of the shot will be weakened. So you can make decisions based on your personal preferences and your needs.


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Beginners generally use the traditional two-section straight ball catch method, inserting the middle finger and ring finger into the finger hole until the second knuckle. With this method of catching the ball, the most important thing is to choose a ball with a slightly loose thumb hole, but the middle finger and ring finger hole should not be too loose, otherwise it will be difficult to grasp and the ball will easily fall.


With the advancement of set bowling technology, you need wider finger hole spacing which the distance between the thumb and the middle finger and ring finger to use the curve ball catch method. This is also called the half fingertip curve ball catch method. You should insert the middle finger and ring finger into the finger hole until the first knuckle by this way. Using this method of catching the ball, the accusations of the thumb, middle finger, and ring finger cannot be too large, otherwise the spin and the power of the half-finger-tip catching method cannot be played.


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Why need to choose the ball that suits you

The public ball in the arena is not for you, it is difficult to fully meet your needs. If you play 2 to 3 times a week, I suggest that you equip your own bowling pin set, because long-term use of a ball that does not match your fingers will not only hinder the improvement of the technique, but will also damage your fingers more easily. In addition, if your current average score has reached 125-145, you should be equipped with a special big bowling set to improve your skills, break through the straight ball, and enjoy the cheers of the curve ball falling ten pin bowling set up at once.


Bowling set up with the right ball will significantly improve your score and consistency, but there are many types and sizes of indoor bowling set. For beginners, finding the right ball is usually a difficult and arduous task, so you may need to consult a professional. As a reliable supplier with more than 10 years experience, please contact us to get the most professional bowling.

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