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How to avoid random chess

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                                                                               How to avoid random chess

The so-called "handy chess", as the name suggests, is not fully thought through, relatively random chess.Although chess is more common for beginners to learn chess, it is not that there are no masters, but relatively few.

Chess is more like a habit formed in the process of learning chess, if you do not pay attention to correction, then the level of improvement will be limited.

For children who have just learned chess, if there is a habit of playing chess, it must be paid attention to.

So how can you reduce the habit of playing chess? Find the cause of random chess, and then take targeted measures to correct it.

There are many reasons for the emergence of random chess, but it probably boils down to the following.



Interest and curiosity are the key to trigger a child's thinking, and once the child loses interest or loses curiosity, then it may be a simple task to play chess.

To put it bluntly, the mind is not in this game.

In this case, for the child, chess is only a task to be completed in a hurry, so the pursuit is not victory, but speed.

Go quickly, without thinking, just to finish the task faster, and then you can go on to other things.

The most important thing is to correct the child's attitude of learning chess, to face each game, respect the opponent, but also respect themselves.

Secondly, it is also indispensable to improve children's interest in learning chess, and appropriately let children learn some chess culture or small stories related to chess (those stories about chess at all times and at home and abroad) may be more effective than blindly preaching.

Two bold but not careful

The character of the children who learn chess is diverse, some may be more naughty and active, and some are a "quiet handsome man".

Some parents will think that chess is suitable for quiet children, and let their children learn chess is also in order to be able to make their children patience.

Relatively speaking, the more impatient children will be easier to play chess, because when they are impatient, they will be eager to succeed and lack of thinking. This is not to say that children who are naughty and active and impatient are not as good as children who are quiet.

Third, lack of independent thinking

Lack of independent mind is one of the biggest problems when learning chess.

For children, the cultivation of habits of thinking is very important, children need to have their own subjective thinking, otherwise follow the ideas of others, often will fall into the trap of others.

When chess is ready, it is often possible to think too much for granted and not think about the problem from multiple directions.

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