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How to Play Solitaire?

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Solitaire is a simple and fun card game. It is suitable for one person to play on computer. When you are nothing to do and cannot find partners to play together, you may play fun solitaire game.


The rules of the game


When you play spider solitaire games, you just drag the cards with the left mouse button. The order of the cards is from the largest card K to the smallest card A. For example, the card Q should be placed on the card K. This is the basic rule of solitaire game. Of course, when you move Q away from the current position and place the K position, the unopened cards behind the original position of Q will automatically be revealed. When you have finished dragging, there is no card that can be moved, you may click the card below to start a new round of cards. So, you just continue to play solitaire game consistently through the above steps. When playing free solitaire, you must carefully observe. When you complete a set of K to A cards, it will automatically fold and place a new position to indicate that the set has been completed. And it is not possible to deal with cards when there are vacancies on the board, and cards can only be dealt if the vacancies are filled. When all are completed, you can choose to continue a round or withdraw.


55 1

The methods of the game


The most important step of classic solitaire game is intelligence. If you don't even know what effect you want first when you move your cards, it is difficult to win. Usually the specific method is that you don't need to think about anything else after the start. First of all, you can try to turn a column to the bottom as much as possible, and then write down the number of cards in each column and what cards can be flipped. At this time, if you find any column that can be turned to only one, then this column is likely to be the current weakness of the enemy's defense, that is, our main target of attack.


55 2

Generally speaking, if there is an empty column before the fourth round of cards after the opening, it is very hopeful to win. If there are two empty columns at any time, you are very sure of winning, of course, it also depends on your remaining pile of confusion. If it’s too messy, it will be difficult. But, if there are three empty columns at any time, no matter how messy the remaining deck is, you have chance to win the simple solitaire game.


In the later stage, you should pay attention to not rushing to remove the cards issued. Because of the limited space, some cards issued will give you more space for temporary solitaire cards. So, you don't all follow from K to A pile of dead cards if you want to win interesting solitaire game. It is the methods to play spider solitaire cards.

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