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How to Play Dominoes?

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Domino is a popular table game, which has many different names such as bones, cards, tickets, tiles, stones, spinners and so on. Kids like to play it with long rows and then knock them down. They always find fun from it. Usually a domino game set consists of 28 pieces. Each card in the whole set of dominoes is printed with unique points. Traditional domino game has a combination of numbers from one to six spots. People often call these sets as “double six” sets since the piece with the highest value has six spot on each end. Then how to play dominoes?


Game methods


We know that there are many ways to play fun domino games. But different domino games have different rules. The easy domino game is suitable for 2 to 4 players to play together. The simplest one is called "Block Domino", and it has always been the most popular. Many other playing ways have changed on this basis. Next, let us learn how to play interesting domino game.


54-domino game set,

In the game, it requires two domino game players and a set of dominoes. Firstly, buckle the dominoes face down on the table, and then tie the cards with your hands, but be careful and do not turn the cards over. After shuffling, push all the dominoes to a free area. In English, the shuffled pile of cards is usually called "bone yard", because Domino's most common nickname is "bones".


A standard set of dominoes contains 28 rectangular cards, each card has two sides, and the front is divided into two, which includes some numbers. The 28 dominoes are placed face down in a pile. Then, each player chooses seven dominoes. When the game begins, one player plays one of his dominoes. And then the other player will place one of his own next to the first domino. The point is that the spot of an end must match the same number of pips as one end of the domino played previously. If the second player cannot find any dominoes matching with previous one, he has to choose another one from the stock. Then they keep doing like that until one of them cannot find, and they cannot continue to play. Of course, it is the simplest domino game. There are many other playing methods. Some of the games are very complicated with lots of rules to remember when play. And you need great patience to play the complicated domino games.


53-wooden domino set

The location of the game


Playing domino game needs a flat and spacious surface, and it is best to find a large table, for example, find one in a cafeteria or library. The place where the game is played must be quiet and cannot allow noise, because the dominoes will make a popping sound when placed. If you play with friends and just find fun, you may choose a big table at home. Before playing, don't forget to take away the dishes or decorations on the table, and keep it clean.


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