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How to Play Chess (Beginners)

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                                                                                  How to Play Chess (Beginners)

Chess is arguably one of the best board games, a perfect blend of strategy and tactics and pure technology. For centuries, chess has been a game played by scholars and wise men, and the fun of it is more than words can explain. Of course, chess requires a certain amount of talent, but it can be won or lost regardless of age.

Method 1: A Preliminary understanding of chess

1. Learn the meaning and rules of chess pieces.

Each piece works differently. Here is an introduction to the various pieces and their respective moves (with very few exceptions, which will be covered later) :

Pawn: This is the most basic piece (eight on each side). Its first step can go one or two steps forward, but each step after that can only go one step forward. It is straight and oblique, that is, it can only attack the opponent's pieces that it leans into a square. And you can't go backwards.

Car: Its shape is similar to the tower of a castle, and it can walk horizontally or vertically, and the number of cells per step is not limited. And can attack pieces in its path.

Horse: It is shaped like a horse and is the most complex one. It takes an "L" shape and can take two steps horizontally and one step vertically in any direction. Or vice versa, take one step horizontally and two steps vertically. Only it can advance past other pieces, but it can only attack pieces in the position where it is moving.

Elephant: can only walk diagonally, the number of squares per move is not limited, but can not pass other pieces. Its English name means bishop, so it is shaped like a bishop's hat.

Queen: Shaped like a queen's crown, it is the most powerful piece. It can move horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, with no limit on the number of squares per move, and can attack any piece in these directions.

Wang: Each move can only move one square in any direction, and can only attack the pieces in this square. You must protect it, because the death of the king means the loss of the game.

Keep the following in mind:

1) You must protect the King at all costs.

2) After can be said to be universal chess pieces, it sets the role of the elephant and the car in one, is the most effective assistant of the march array, commonly used to "catch double". Second only to King in importance.

3) The horse is a master of surprise, and is also commonly used to catch double. Because of its special method, it can be used to confuse novices.

4) Elephants are especially useful in open Spaces. But beginners always ignore this point, can not make the best use of it.

5) The car has a wide range of activities, and its use can be seen most when the space is open.

6) Don't think that soldiers are insignificant, they are good at setting traps. A soldier can be a general if used well.

2. Understand what a Checkmate is.

If you're checkmated, it means your king is under threat from the opposing pieces. You must remove the threat immediately. Here are three methods to choose from:

1) Remove the king from the threat area and move him to a safe place.

2) Eat the general's pieces.

3) Use your other pieces to block the king. However, this move does not work against horses and soldiers (or rear, rook, and elephant that attack closely).

If these three moves don't work, if you can't solve the king's encircling, you lose. Game over.

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