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How to Play Beanbag?.

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Bag Toss is a great American pastime that has been around for hundreds of years. The purpose of the game is to toss the bags so that they fall on the board or in the holes. With the development of the times, this ancient American bean bag toss has also undergone some exciting changes.

The plastic bean bag toss is a throwing game that originated in Ohio, USA which is perfect for indoor or outdoor play. This corn toss game is a game where two people shoot at each other and the main element of the game is the accuracy of the bean bag toss, which is very similar to spot shooting. In corn toss game, the winner is the one who can throw more bags full of beans into the hole.

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Game Rules:

To play bean bag toss sport, you first need to know the rules of the game. Before starting the bean bag toss tournament, you need to find an opponent. If it is a two-person beanbag game, you two need to keep a certain throw distance. Each person will get a wooden board with a hole on it. You need to place the template hole in front of you and outwards your opponent. Hold a bean bag decorated with your own color in hand (similar to the pocket-pocketing you have used to play when you were young) and throws it towards the other's hole. You can set a goal and see who puts in the goal first or compare the number of beanbags thrown into the hole to determine the winner. If you have a lot of friends, choose a few more colors and play together. The distance of beanbag toss is determined according to the individual's technical level. Masters can reach three to five meters.

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