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How to Play Backgammon?

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Backgammon board game is a game in which chess moves on a board or table. The number of moves is determined by rolling two dice. The purpose of the game is to make your pieces reach the finish line first. This classic backgammon game combines luck and technology, and both are usually indispensable for winning. This kind of chess game became popular in the world since the late 20th century. Each player controls 15 sets of the same chess pieces or chess pieces, which are distinguished from the opponent's pieces by contrasting colors.


According to the number of points shown on the dice they cast, the two sides move their pieces from one stronghold to another in the opposite direction from their respective inner areas. The points displayed by the two dice can be used to move two pieces respectively, or they can be added together to move one piece. When the dice shows two identical numbers, double the calculation.


91-1-classic backgammon game

Currently, the popular backgammon styles on the market mainly include glass backgammon set, magnetic backgammon set, wooden backgammon set and luxury leather backgammon set.


The classic backgammon set has 105 or 35 pieces. The marks on all chess pieces are 15 common patterns, numbers or letters. There are 7 of each common pattern, number or letter, totaling 105. The wood backgammon board contains 24 narrow isosceles triangles. Each triangle is called a point. These points are used as space on the chessboard. Players take turns to roll the dice, and the player's pieces move along these spaces.


Backgammon Gameplay


The first is to roll the dice. The two points displayed can be taken twice, and you can use it on one piece or move two pieces. But if there are two or more pawns of the opponent in the place where you are going, you can't go there.


Then if there is an opponent's pawn at the position you want to move, and there is only one pawn, then you can "eat" it, and then it enters the "resurrection zone". And in the next round, he needs to move the pawns in the resurrection area first, and then he can move other pawns.


91-2-personalised backgammon sets

The special point of the dice points is that when two identical dice appear, you can go twice, that is, 4 times. In addition, the backgammon arabic board also has a distribution point that counts the remaining points, and you can calculate how many points you can win. But this requires huge calculations and skills.


Speaking of the final victory, all the pieces are removed from the board. But first you need to move your chess pieces to your base camp, which is the lower right corner of your chessboard. Moreover, the player who moves out of the board can only use one throw point to move the chess, and the larger point must be used. So you need to think about how to take the fastest steps so that you can achieve the final victory.


Nowadays, in addition to the classic backgammon, customized personalised backgammon sets have become popular.

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