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How to Make a Bean Bag Toss Game

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Bean bag games are fun and versatile. Bean bag tossing is a favorite game for children in the Midwest of North America. In fact, there is more than one way to play the bean bag game and there are many ways in which children can play it.


The easiest way is to buy a cornhole set. Many sports shops and large shops sell artificial cornhole play sets of varying quality, and you can also go to our official website to buy a high-quality bean bag play board. Buying a set is the easier way to go, but it can cost more. If you don't want to buy a set, you can make your own cornhole play set with your child and customize it to your liking.


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How to make your own beanbag game prop

If you would like to play a bean bag game together and have not purchased the game kit in advance, find two pieces of cardboard and you can make one on the spot. Please cut the cardboard into two 0.6m by 1.2m pieces to use as makeshift boards. Cut a hole about the size of 15m in one end of each cornhole tournament board to support the board so that the end of the hole is 20cm above the ground. Afterwards, place the two boards in a straight line between 8 m and 45 m apart. This distance is not set in stone and the distance can be chosen according to the skill level and preference of the player playing the game. Casual players can choose a distance of 9 m apart, or for younger players, it is more appropriate to place the boards 10 to 15 feet apart.



Rules of playing

It is possible to play with two or four players. At the start of bean bag toss tournament, you can choose to play either singles or doubles. For singles games, players will stand on the same board and roll to opposite boards. For doubles games, one player from each team stands on each board and rolls the ball back and forth. In order to tally the score, each team needs to be assigned a beanbag color. For singles, each player should have four bags of the same color. For doubles, each team should have four bags of the same color.


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Throw the bags on the opposite side of the board, aligning the holes. Choose a player to start the first round and rotate so that each player on that side throws one leather bag at a time. Players must stay in front of the board or no penalties will be counted. Once all eight bags have been thrown, it counts towards the score of that round. The player's goal is to put the bag in the hole, but they also get points for the bag that lands on the board. However, if the bag hangs over the edge of the board and comes into contact with the ground, it does not count.


For each bag a player gets into the cornhole game hole, they get 3 points. Team points are the points left over after the team with the higher points subtracts the lower points. For example, one team uses a blue bag and one team uses a red bag. The blue team gets a total of eight points while the red team gets a total of four points. Subtract four (red team) from eight (blue team), and the blue team scores four points in that round.


When a player finishes a round with exactly 21 points, the beanbag game is over. However, if the round ends with scores more than 21 points, they must go back to 11 points for play to continue. So sometimes a player will deliberately throw their bag off the board to bankrupt their opponent.

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