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How to Make Ring Toss?

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In recent history, native American children have improved their ability by playing games to throw, run and aim. Such kinds of games originated as an approach to learning the coordination during the hunt process.There is no record of them though, they came into being in prehistoric times. Ring toss is one of the most popular and interesting games of skills. Another origin of this game is quoits, which involves the throwing of metal, rope or rubber rings over a set distance, usually to land over or near a spike (sometimes called a hob,or pin). The sport of quoits encompasses several distinct variations. Quoits ring toss game seemed to be played as early as the 14th century. Greek sport of discus was the basis of the development of quoits. Wooden quoits was especially popular among children during the 19th century. Usually, children played the game on a portable wooden playing bed with up to nine hobs, which was the earliest incarnation.


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Before playing the game, we should prepare the tools, including rings and stakes. Let’s take rope ring toss as an example. There are four steps. First, four to eight rings should be made, which need to cut the rope about 15" long for each ring. Second, the rope just like the hunting tools should bend in a circle shape, and we join the two ends of it by tape. In order to secure the ends, we can wrap longer tape tightly. If we would like to make the game more competitive between two players, then use two different colors of electrical tape, therefore it is easier to record the score. Some people are interested in outdoor ring game, and others are fond of indoor game. In respect to this situation, the third step is to make outdoor stakes. The experience of games whether satisfying or not depends most on the tools, therefore we should make the stakes as secure as possible. Two stakes to drive into the ground are necessary.For each stake, cut a 1/2" dowel rod or other stick to 15" long. Cut one end into sharp shape by a utility knife and press the stakes hard beneath the soil. This can also be seen as one step of ring toss garden game. Fourth, it is more simple to make an indoor stake. Find two empty water bottles and fill them with sand or gravel. Next screw the lids on tightly and tape them. When we accomplish all the steps above, it is time to play the ring toss game.


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At the end of the project, the rules of ring toss include two steps. One is preparation. That is, find a place to play and arrange stakes apart about six or more feet. Then, we should use a coin to decide who goes first, and competitors should stand by stakes. The game should be equipped with a score sheet, so that we can record the results. The other is playing. Each player carries out ring throw at the opposite stake with rings in different colors. Players take turns and throw one ring at a time until rings are not left. After that, collect all the rings and continue throwing. Score 5 points for each ringer and 3 points for any ring touching the stake, and score one point for a ring within 6" of the stake and closer than an opponent's ring. Normally, when the first player or team reach a total score:50 to 100 points, the game is over.


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