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How to Clean Chess Pieces and Chess Boards?

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When you receive a new chess set, you need to take care of it carefully and make it look amazing. By reading this article, you will know some tips about how to clean your unique chess set. Different pieces and boards are made of a variety of materials, so cleaning them requires different considerations to avoid damage.


How to take care of chess pieces?

Chess pieces can be made of all kinds of materials. Now let’s learn about how to clean the chess pieces with various materials.


Wood piece

In fact, most wooden chess pieces are coated with shellac, a natural polish that protects the underlying wood from the oils produced by the skin. The way to clean them is very simple, you can wipe them off with a soft wet cloth and then dry them with another clean cloth.  


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However, some wooden pieces have a thick coat of paint that makes them very stable. If it gets dirty, you can clean it with a non-bristling rag or a small amount of mild soapy water.


Metal pieces

As with wooden pieces, to protect metal pieces from grease on the fingers, manufacturers usually use a clear, thin painting protective layer. Therefore, the cleaning process is the same as before. If they are sticky or soiled, you can wipe them with a non-bristling cloth and rinse with weak soapy water.


Plastic pieces

Plastic pieces are easier to clean. At most time, they don’t need to repair and clean. If they get dirty or tarnished, you won't have to worry about damaging them in the cleaning process. Wiping with a damp cloth or cleaning with neutral soapy water is enough.


Poly resin pieces

This kind of classic chess pieces is also simple to clean. But there is a tip you must know that you can not use some harsh chemicals such as polishes or waxes which will damage the pieces. A damp cloth is enough.



How to clean chess board?

Lacquered solid wood board

Wooden chess boards are usually coated with glossy paint (nitro or melamine). No matter what type of paint it use, dirt and grime on the board can be easily cleaned off by dipping a damp cloth with mild soapy water.


When there are scratches on the surface of the boards, you can polish them and clean them again so as not to damage the wood underneath.


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Polished solid wood board

Wooden chess boards also have a polished finish, usually animal wax like beeswax, which provides good protection, but unlike paint, it is not permanent. This means you need to rewax from time to time to maintain the protective coating.



Glass board

Cleaning glass chess board is quite easy because there are not some special material to protect. You just need to wash them. If there are some streaks, you can use a white vinegar to clean them.


Marble board

Some professional chess boards are made of marble. Marble is easily damaged. When you are cleaning marble quality chess board, you should use some gentle chemicals to clean. 

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