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How old is the baby to play with blocks?

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                                                   How old is the baby to play with blocks?

When the baby is about one year old, you can start with building blocks toys, building blocks toys can exercise the baby's fine movements very well, in the process of playing, the baby's thinking ability, hand and eye coordination, etc., can be well developed, and the baby experiences the joy and enlightenment of the game in the process of playing.

  Because the volume of the building blocks is large and small, parents should choose the right one for the baby when they buy it, so that they can give full play to a role in developing intelligence.


Usually for babies who are about one to two years old, because their hand strength is very limited, it is recommended to give them the choice of lightweight blocks, which can help the baby to play easily.

When the baby slowly piles up a complex and beautiful object in the process, his hand and eye coordination can be well trained.

Parents can try to guide the baby to put the building blocks themselves slowly together, no matter what kind of object he spelt out, as long as he can put it together well, parents can give the baby targeted praise.


The following recommend a few blocks suitable for babies about one year old to play, to give parents a reference.

The three-in-one building block is composed of number building block, shape building block, color counting ring, high-bottom sequence cognitive column and shape base plate.

Divided into: 1, mathematics 2, shape 3, ring 4, pattern, four patterns

Knowledge of numbers: Start with simple mathematics and pair the corresponding rings for easy recognition of numbers.

Recognize shapes and colors: Recognize various colors and shapes and match them accordingly.

Number of rings cognition: the higher the column, the larger the number, the more laps.

Bottom plate cartoon pattern: bottom plate lively color matching, help the baby to recognize the number of animals and small knowledge related to animals.

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