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How does chess time its attack

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                                                                             How does chess time its attack

Normally, attacking is the most basic way you win. You can't be a great player without attacking. However, the most common mistakes made by beginners also happen when they are attacking. When you see an opportunity to attack, you rush into action, not knowing that an immature attack will bring you disaster, because it can create opportunities for the opponent to win or gain an advantage.

Avoid premature attacks

Remember that an immature attack is a rare opportunity you give your opponent, and it is you who tip the balance.

So what is an immature offense?

A simple way is that you did not calculate the three steps of the other person's response! Chess clock is not a stopwatch, the game is used to give you think!

Of course, when you attack you have a very good reason to take one of the other's pieces, or to make a move against the king, but because you don't think about the possible outcome, you get besieged by the other side. This can result in losing a game or a game.

A soldier who doesn't want to be a general isn't a soldier! At the same time, children should remember that the general is never a reckless soldier who only charges.

The beginners, eager to win, did not hesitate to eat the opponent's son as soon as they seized an opportunity to capture the opponent's piece in each move, or, according to the only theoretical knowledge, as soon as they found the opponent's wing protection was weak or weakened, they immediately began to attack with ambition, without fully assessing the situation.

Unsuccessful attacks can occur in the following ways:

One, not enough force is put into the attack,

Two, the method is wrong, or the wrong direction of attack.

Third, blindly through the abandonment of the child to further tear apart the other line of defense,

4. Focus on destroying the baryons of the other person. But did not pay attention to the safety of the king, and was killed by the other side.

I believe we all have the experience: after a few steps, I found that the other side's defensive mobilization is very active, and I can't get benefits at all, let alone victory. All for reasons that were not carefully calculated beforehand.

So how can we prevent this from happening?

When you find that you can easily capture the other party's force, do not simply think that it is the other party's fault, please think again. It's always helpful to anticipate the other person's next move. Always keep the whole situation at the forefront of your mind, and if you find that your opponent can gain an advantage or make you insecure after your attack, don't go there easily.

Do not rush to attack, unless you are absolutely confident that this is a good move, or that the next turn will give you a decisive advantage, otherwise, please keep the good attitude, simply continue to push your force, develop your situation. Remember, in chess, it's not about surprising your opponent, it's about winning.

Before the attack, the most important thing is to evaluate the position of the particle forces, which will often tell you the problems you should pay attention to and the details you need to deal with.

The preparations for the attack

★ Zi Li development ★

Needless to say, this is the most important rule before launching an attack, you must ensure that your own forces are developed, and at the most critical time can not be short of ammunition, attack, not one or two steps, you must ensure that each force is always ready to join the battle group.

★ Zi Li Cooperation ★

Once the development of the force is complete, the position of the force should be raised. Try to get them as close as possible to the opposing king, at least with an eye toward the attack. After completing this step, you will find it much easier to attack, and you will feel as if all the tactics can be used.

★ Zi Li first, small soldiers go behind

This is a practical piece of advice we give you, it is usually best to develop your spawn first and gain a strong position before advancing your pawn.

Why is this important? Because soldiers usually need the support of the force to successfully complete the task, otherwise, it will only lead to the weakening of your own situation, which will be a terrible thing. It will give the other party a target to attack, and then the initiative may fall into the other party's hands.

★ Weakness ★

In order for an attack to succeed, you need to weaken your opponent's city first. There are certain ways to make your opponent's kingwing move. With this plan you can achieve your goal by using only minions, or a combination of pawns and sons. For example, a typical plan is to advance your h pawn all the way to the 6th / 3rd line.

Once you advance your pawns into the attack, you should have a clear target to attack. It also makes it easier to open up your opponent's city.

★ Center ★

As the situation develops, the other place to look before deciding to attack is the center, which is very important. Remember, if both of you are on the same side and you have to advance through your wingmen during the attack, that will leave your king exposed and you should try to keep the center closed so as to be safe, otherwise, if the center is open, your own king will need to be protected.

In addition, you should observe which wing your pawn chain is suitable for attack, if you are not familiar with this important principle, it will backfire. Therefore, theoretical knowledge is very important, and the more you learn, it will help you make the right choice when you are in the field.

★ Initiative ★

If you have completed all of the above preparations, and have decided to attack, and have determined that the attack will give you an advantage, then take a second look at what the other side may have planned and how he will prevent you from carrying out your plan.

Take a close look at his potential ways to gain the initiative, and when you have a good idea, start trying to formulate your plans while blocking his; Keep your initiative at all times and don't let him get active.

★ Initiative ★

This advice is closely related to the above point, if you have started to attack, and create a certain pressure on the other side, then please continue to find a good way to maintain this pressure, so that the other side is forced to take defensive measures, remember not to give him breathing time, otherwise it will cause you to lose the initiative and even lose your advantage.

We hope that the above suggestions will help you structure your attack plan correctly in future matches, of course, there will be some exceptions to launch a successful attack, but in most cases, do the above points, your attack will be very threatening and closer to success.

Attacking requires you to master the tactics

Strategy needs thinking, tactics need observation "- You Wei, the fifth world chess champion

Learning chess requires not only the opportunistic use of various tactics to eliminate minions, but also the development of long-term plans and goals, which is called strategy.

Tactics and strategy used in chess are mutually reinforcing and inseparable. Long-term strategic goals need to be achieved by tactical means one by one, so children learning chess is an excellent way to cultivate children's strategic planning ability.

Have you mastered these strategies as a beginner chess player? Only by mastering these primary strategies can we advance to advanced chess strategies!

1. Use particle forces wisely

Try to avoid moving the same force multiple times, and cooperate with other unmobilized force. When a force is activated, it is best to move the force that has not been activated.

2. Take advantage

In order to be in an advantageous position in the attack, we must make good use of the mutual cooperation between our own forces, and if we cooperate well, we will be more sure of the final victory.

3. Stay centered

In order to get more action plans and better attack advantages in the chess game, it is necessary to seize the control of the center circle.

4. Disperse the force

Find a way to spread each other's forces apart, to cut off contact with each other.

5. Seize the moment

Many chess beginners are eager to attack opponents early, often ignore their own ability, in the process of the game only save enough strength to attack the other side, early attack will make the other side early start to prepare, not only failed to hurt the opponent but will themselves into a dilemma, so as to end in failure.

6. Attack weaknesses

One of the most important abilities in chess is to be good at seizing the weak points of the opponent and using the weak points to defeat the opponent.

7. Switch cleverly

Exchange your inactive child for the active child of the other party.

8. Weigh the pros and cons

When exchanging pieces to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, if the change of chess is conducive to the other side, enhance the strength of the other side, you need to stop the loss in time.

9. Avoid getting caught

Don't fall into the trap laid by your opponent because of greed. If you encounter an opponent who is easy to attack, you must think twice to prevent falling into a trap, and it is likely to lead to a reversal of the advantage. If you have been hit, you must abandon the force in time, find a way to reverse the situation, and strive not to let yourself in a more and more passive position.

Tactics are everywhere in chess, and a successful use of tactics depends on your calculation power and the calculation omissions of the other side, so that the balance of victory will immediately tip in your favor. Therefore, entering your level, you can also not neglect the training of tactics, including multi-step king killing, multi-step son special training, tactical special training (attack exposed king, etc.)

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