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How did bowling develop?

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Bowling has a long and interesting history. Its origins can be traced back to 5200 BC in ancient Egypt, when marble balls and bottles were used for a game similar to modern bowling. However, bowling in the true modern sense originated in Germany in the 3rd and 4th centuries AD.

Originally, the sport did not appear as a recreational activity, but Catholics placed wooden poles in church hallways and rolled stones against them as a test of faith and atonement. They believed that if they knocked down the pillar, they could atone for themselves or eliminate evil. If you fail, you should believe in "God" more sincerely. This primitive form of bowling gradually spread among the people and became a way for them to entertain and relax.

With the passage of time, bowling has gradually evolved into a popular sport in Germany. Especially in the early 14th century, the sport was widely promoted and popularized in Germany. Later, with the emigration of Dutch and German descendants to the United States, bowling was also brought to the New World, where it was further developed.


In the United States, bowling has gone through many changes and advances. In the 16th century, the game of bowling used nine bottles, a few years later, evolved into 10 wooden pins, the shape of the bottle has also changed from diamonds to triangles. These changes make bowling more challenging and interesting.

In 1895, the founding of the American Bowling Association marked the beginning of the movement of bowling to formalize and organize. Since then, bowling has gradually become popular around the world and has become a popular indoor sport.

With the popularity and development of bowling, various international events and tournaments have emerged. In 1951, the International Bowling Federation was established, which further promoted the internationalization of bowling. In 1954, the first international bowling competition was held in Helsinki, Finland, which marked the official entry of bowling into the international arena.

Nowadays, bowling has become a fashionable sport in modern society, popular in Europe, the United States, Oceania and some countries in Asia. It is not only a sport that can exercise the body, but also a social activity that can enhance friendship and promote communication. At the same time, bowling is still developing and innovating, attracting more and more people to participate in it.

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