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How Much Do You Know about the Rules of Playing Cards?

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Compared with thrilling, tense, and exciting video games, traditional art games seem to be gradually forgotten by people. However, the poker card games left to us by our predecessors can calm our minds and relieve fatigue. Everyone knows that fun poker games are popular entertainment activities all over the world. For thousands of years, it has always been prosperous. The game play is strange and there are many kinds of derivative cards, such as bridge and tarot cards. For ordinary poker games, it is a game with a broad mass base. From high-ranking officials to ordinary people, all like to play in daily life. And the gameplay is simple and easy to understand. People can be easy to master the skills and become proficient to enjoy it with friends. 


47- poker card games

The rules of playing cards


We know that there are total 54 cards in a pack. The four suits of playing cards are spade (also known as sunflower fan), heart, club (also known as grass flower), diamond (also known as brick or square). Spades and clubs are black, the other two are red. There are thirteen cards in each suit with numbers from one to ten and English letters J, Q, and K. The number of cards from one to ten is represented by the number of suits and patterns, and J, Q, and K are represented by head cards. Usually the poker cards order is from highest to lowest, that is: (A)ace, king (K), queen (Q), jack (J), ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three and deuce. Each card has its value in any poker card hand of gameplay. Usually the cards will be shuffled and dealt out one by one to each player from left to right.


47-Fun poker games

Generally speaking, poker has two meanings: one is to playing cards; the other means that games played with props such as Texas poker game etc. In Chinese poker game, the number of players can be two to seven players or more. Of course, for one pack of card, the best game is ideally played by four people. If there are two packs of cards mixed together, the number of players can be added to five to seven. Each player can play as an individual without a partner or two people as one group play with another group. Next, cards will be dealt out to each player one by one. After getting the cards, each player can study the possibilities of their hand and decide how to play.


Usually the simple rules of poker include these phases. First of all, based on the chosen mode of play, poker card players start the game. And each player is dealt different cards one by one in turn. As the rules of game, each poker card hand shows cards one by one as big or small cards to see who wins. Of course, different game has different rules. And players can also set up the rules of games according to the actual condition during the process of playing. 

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