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:How Much Do You Know about Darts?

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Darts sport is a gentleman's sport that integrates competition and entertainment. Modern darts appeared at the end of the nineteenth century. The British Belion Ganlin is believed to have invented the dart scoring system. In 1902, British player John Reid set a record of 180 points in a single round for the first time. But how much do you know about darts? Today, we will talk about darts.

The history

Do you know the history of darts? In fact, the darts sport has a long history. It originated in England in the fifteenth century. At the beginning of the twentieth century, it became an essential activity for people in their daily leisure activities. In the 1930s, the sport of darts became professional increasingly and there were many professional dart associations, professional dart competitions, and a large number of professional dart players appearing. Now it is one of the best games you can play indoors. In the world, millions of people like to play it. And it just likes snooker and any other indoor activities, which is enjoyed by a lot of people.

44-bristle dart board

The classification

Generally speaking, dart can be divided into two kinds in China. One is hard dart, which is often called a traditional dart target. Another is soft dart, that are popular in bars nowadays, and it is also called modern electronic darts. But the darts we often discuss are hard ones. Usually bristle dart board is made of compressed sisal fibers. Its advantage is that it can last for long time. And a good quality bristle board can help to prevent darts from bouncing out and the hole on board will close behind it when you remove a dart from it.

Sports Introduction

We know that the sport of darts originated in the United Kingdom and has a history of 150 years. It is widely popular in Europe, America and Australia. In the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and other places, there are fixed national darts competitions every quarter, and there are countless weekend club competitions everywhere.

44-professional dart associations

The big advantage of this sport is that it does not require special venues and facilities. It is very interesting and can be participated by all men, women and children. The time can be short or long. And it can not only be used for competitions, but also as a pastime after work and study. Everyone knows that no matter you sit in front of the computer or play the dancing mat immediately after dinner, which are not conducive to digestion. But playing a few rounds of darts is the best. And dart is also very suitable for gathering old friends at home. It is also a great way to meet new friends. And playing darts is an easy way for people to get a conversation started.

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