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How Does Tic Tac Toe Benefit for Kids?

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Game Tic-tac-toe is one of the best parent-child games. In the game, kids’ the logical thinking ability, reasoning ability and observation ability of both parties have been improved.


Almost everyone has played tic-tac-toe games in their childhood. Like the others playground games, many people just regard them as a simple game to kill the boring time. Now that there are more and more mobile applications, the importance of playground time and the tic-tac-toe game have been ignored. Children nowadays are exposed to various electronic products when they are very young, using tablets or smartphones to learn the pronunciation and mathematics. This comes with a new problem. Children have less time for outdoor activities, such as playing games with other children in the playground, or playing games and puzzles with their parents or teachers. You may never realize that simple games like tic tac toe will affect your child's development, especially during the child's developmental period.


38-1 tic tac toe game


Tic-Tac-Toe: a Game With Competitive Goals

Although the tic tac toe board game is ancient and can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians around 1300 BC, the basic principles of the game have withstood the test of time. The noughts and crosses game looks very simple. Two opponents, one with X and one with O, use a 3 X 3 grid to mark their symbols. The first person to get three consecutive symbols wins the game, whether it’s diagonal, horizontal or vertical.


Tic-tac-toe may be very simple for adults, but for children, it requires a very clever layout to bring the final draw. Only if one opponent makes a mistake, the other opponent can win. The simple xo game becomes more complicated. When you play a game with only one opponent, you ultimately have two goals: to win and not to lose. As an adult, you know that the game will end in a tie, so the strategy you follow is that neither you nor your opponent will win. You would think that this is the result of a perfect combination of your two goals. But for children, they are pursuing two goals.


In 1993, Carnegie Mellon University conducted an experiment. In the experiment, the researchers asked a 5-year-old girl to play a computer-programmed tic-tac-toe online. The result is that every time the child wants to win, she will lose because she can't stop the opponent, but when she doesn't want to lose, the game is a draw. The game was played in 16 rounds, and the situation of winning and losing was alternated. Then you might be wondering what tic-tac-toe has to do with children’s cognitive development?


Tic-Tac-Toe: The Development Value Of Brain Games

The smart tic tac toe game is a predictable game. This also makes it a brain out tic tac toe of opposition to a certain extent, and this predictability helps to cultivate children's strategic thinking. They can learn by observing the opponent's next move and thinking about how to stop them. This is a simple but effective board game. In order to figure out what else they can do to win the game, tic tac game encourages children to think more rationally. Therefore, they naturally developed logical and mathematical thinking, which will help them in mathematics, engineering and other subjects in the future.


Another intellectual quality of professional tic tac toe is that it is a game with rules. "The Game from Birth to Twelve Years Old" (2012) mentioned that children playing regular games can help them develop their intelligence, social morality and personality. This helps to develop an advanced interpersonal understanding to better negotiate conflicts with other children. Experts suggest that these regular educational games are an important part of early childhood education. Of course, the educational value of games, such as tic tac toe, will become effective depending on what you as an adult will do. To help them develop their skills, you should not give them the answers directly; just let them find the answers themselves, and help them find the answers by asking questions. In addition, these activities will also establish a connection between you and your child.


38-2 tic tac toe game


Educational Games And Their Impact On Spatial Ability

By encouraging logical thinking, tic tac board game helps children develop spatial skills. This skill is very important for their problem-solving skills from simple daily housework to complex mathematical equations. In addition to simple tic-tac toe games, children can also develop their spatial skills by playing on commercial playground equipment.


You might think that a playground is a place where children can go, but there are more places to go. Games are an important part of the learning process. It helps them develop physical and social skills through interaction with other children.


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