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How Do We Play Mikado?

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Before the formation of modern entertainment, children all over the world are enjoying more simulation games. The pick up sticks game is a puzzle game suitable for all ages over eight years old. It can be a single person or multiple people. Until now, it is still a classic mikado game that many adults like.


What Are Pick-Up Sticks?


In fact, the original pick up sticks game may have first become popular in the United States after being brought to the United States by Hungarian immigrants. It is the most basic form of pickup today.


The rules of the game are as follows:


A participant controls the game stick in his hand, makes a fist and places it flat on the table before suddenly letting go. The game sticks will be scattered on the table and piled up in a circle. If you are not satisfied with the shape of the circle, the player can repeat the throw again. Then, the participants try to lift the joysticks one by one with their fingers, but at the same time you must not touch other joysticks. Once the wooden pick up stick is lifted, participants can use this stick to lift other color game sticks. If you accidentally touch other joysticks during the game, then you add up the points of the joysticks you have extracted, and then another participant starts his game process.


31-1-pick up sticks game

If they do, they will earn mikado game points based on the color or pattern of the stick. However, if they touch the stick, they will not get points.


How to Play Pick-Up Sticks?


Below we will study the mechanics of the game together.


1. Collect materials and set goals


First, you have to prepare a complete set of pickup sticks. The mikado sticks to choose from mainly include plastic pick up sticks, wooden pick up sticks or magnetic pick up sticks.


The standard setting includes 15 red bars, 15 green bars, 5 orange bars, 5 yellow bars and 1 black bar.


In addition, you need to prepare a pencil and paper to record the score. List the player's name and number of points.


At this time, you have to work out the rules of the game with your partner.


31-2-wooden pick up sticks

2. Hold and release the joystick


Players should grab all pickup sticks and tie them together with one hand. If necessary, tap the stick to make it level. Then the player releases the stick from an appropriate height and drops it to a possible position.


3. Start playing


Placing wooden sticks with different colors in a mess, the player starts to try to pick up one stick without moving any other sticks to start the game. Then, add the points represented by the sticks to the scorecard.

By analogy, the person with the highest final score will win the final victory.


4. Use the Mikado


Depending on the placement of the stick piles, you may have the opportunity to release a single black stick in the suit. In addition to gaining a lot of points, you will also get a useful tool that can be used in the next round of competition.


When the winner is announced, the loser can challenge him again. In this way, rounds can be combined to create a competitive pick up sticks game.


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