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Here are nine chess opening tips you must know

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I believe that everyone is no stranger to chess, chess is a kind of chess game that people like very much, chess skills have many, want to improve chess skills, must understand these chess skills, chess opening skills is one of the very important skills, today I will introduce you to chess opening, interested friends take a look at it ~

Italy start

The Italian opening is one of the oldest chess opening techniques, with a history of about 500 years, and was extremely popular in the 19th century. The basic strategic idea of the White side was clear: to direct the f7 troops with white symbols, and occupy the center through c3 and d4, often in order to gain the offensive, at the cost of abandoning troops and sons to create a killing game. However, after hundreds of years of actual combat proved that this opening is easy to simplify quickly, and was flattened by the black side; Sometimes it creates a sharp situation, but the outcome is even. So the Italian gambit is being used less and less.

Evans abandoned his troops

Do you understand the beginning of Evans' desertion? Using Evans discard, the purpose of White is to move c3 and d4 to control the center, 4.b4 is to attract black elephant to b4, so that when c3 pawn, black elephant is under the attack of pawn.

Two-horse defense

This opening is less strategic than the Italian opening, because black's c5 elephant will soon be driven out by White's d4 soldiers, so Black takes a faster step to counter means 3.... Nf6, immediately attack e4 soldiers and white contention, this variation is easy to lead to a sharp situation.

Defence of Hungary

This opening appeared relatively late, about 150 years old, was first used by Hungarian players, hence the name. The main idea was to avoid sharp situations such as the Italian opening and the two-horse defense. 3. From the third... Be7 began to defend against Ng5, forming a stable situation, but the element force was stiff and passive; It often works well against players who prefer recklessness and risk.

Three-horse opening

In order to break the symmetry and avoid a 4-horse opening, Black chooses 3.d6 or 3.Be7, and White can respond to 4.d4, thus avoiding a 4-horse opening that is easy to draw, but Black is a little crowded. As a result, they rarely appear in high-level competitions.

Four-horse start

The horse opening is very common among beginners, and this is due to the principle of following the horse in front like behind. A 4-horse opening usually leads to a very quiet situation, with matches between masters often ending in draws.

Spain start

The Spanish opening is one of the most popular openings in modern times, with the number of actual matches in the White 1.e4 opening system appearing second only to the Sicilian defense. In 1.e4e5 category of the first place.

This opening was made by Spanish chess players in the 15th century. 3.Bb5 one, the simple purpose at the beginning, is only to change horses to threaten e5 soldiers. Practice has proved that the black side is not afraid of this, so it is not popular for a long time, far less than other open classes such as Italy. Until the end of the 19th century, new strategic content was introduced and became widely popular. Today, its content is rich and varied, and it has a variety of systems. Most of the changes have a long struggle process, and there are also some sharp changes that are close to each other. It has been widely used in international and domestic competitions.

Defence of Sicily

Sicilian defense has a long history and is the most well-known semi-open opening method. With the large-scale application of ultra-modern chess players in the 20th century, it has become the most beloved opening of chess players in the 1950s, and in modern times, it has become the most popular scheme for black side in the opening of King soldiers.


Petrov defense

This opening is also very old, and in the 19th century the Russian chess player Petrov made a thorough study of this opening, so it is also called Petrov defense. The significant difference between this opening and other openings is that the second move is to eat each other to simplify the situation. After all, the White side got a head start and was able to maintain a slight advantage. However, some theorists believe that this opening is the best of all the opening against the king. In recent years, this opening in practice, the use of people gradually increased.

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