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Frequently Questions about the Bean Bag Game

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The bean bag toss tournament is a centuries-old throwing game, but one that most people are not particularly familiar with. This article will systematically answer some questions about the bean bag toss game, including how scoring works, what a "foul bag" is, how rain affects the bean bag toss board, the official specifications for the cornhole tournament board etc. Whether you are brand new to the beanbag game or have been playing this game for many years, this article will provide you with some inspiration.



How to play the beanbag game?

Since the origin of the beanbag tossing game, it has been welcomed by many people, and it has been in Germany for more than 600 years. Since the game appeared, with more and more children participating, it has become the most popular game in Western countries. If you want to play Corn Hole Game, you need to know the rules and regulations. The bean bag tossing game itself involves throwing a bag weighing corn or beans from a hole placed on a raised platform so that it falls on the board or in the hole, which is much like shooting. So before playing the game, you need to know what size board you need to play, how far apart your boards are, what type of corn hole bag you should use to play, and how to keep your score.


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How to choose the right size and material for my bean bag game?

When buying bean bag game equipment you will see a variety of materials and sizes, this is the time to consider your own needs. It's not the case that the bigger the board the better. The American Cornhole Association requires the bag to measure 6 by 6 inches, the platform to measure 2 by 4 feet, the hole to be only 6 inches in diameter and the weight to be between 15 and 16 ounces. Players are required to throw the bags from a distance of 27 feet (the required distance between the bottoms of the two platforms). Each player throws four bags per round. The first team to reach 21 points wins.


In fact, there are no strict size requirements for cornhole throwing games, so you can make the right choice for you and your style of play. Once you've settled on your choice of board - size, type - the hard part is over.


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Another name for cornhole

You may find that cornhole games have many other aliases, including Virtual Board, Bean Bag Toss or Doghouse, and the list doesn't stop there. This is an interesting post about the different names. In fact, these aliases are just affectionate names for bean bag games by gamers around the world. There is virtually no difference in the specific rules of play for the bean bag games by the different designations.



Who makes the best corn hole board in the world?

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