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Fifteen chess game experience

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                                                                                       Fifteen chess game experience

First, folded soldiers, lone soldiers and blocked soldiers, are weaknesses, try to avoid.

Second, the soldiers who have passed, the faster the advance, the better.

Third, if there is one or two passage pawns, the other side will be forced to exchange pieces for them in order to save the threat posed by the passage pawns.

Fourth, if there are one or two lagging soldiers, their side will have to use the method of abandoning pieces to save the danger caused by the lagging soldiers.

Five, when the situation is favorable, do not leave soldiers behind.

Six, if there is a passing pawn and both pawns are on one side, the result is a draw 99 percent of the time.

Seven, the most sure way to win chess is the end game.

Eight, the most secure draw is the end game.

Nine, the king is a fighting chess piece, try your best to participate in the battle!

Do not put the soldier in the same color grid as your own image

Eleven, except in the case of closed armies, elephants are stronger than horses.

In the case of two elephants versus horses and elephants, two elephants have obvious advantages.

13. The advancing army will be blocked by the king; There is only one piece, the pawn can not be limited - the horse.

Fourteen, the car stands in the next two roads (2, 7 horizontal rows) enough to compensate for the loss of soldiers.

Fifteen, the cart is behind the soldier.

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