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Does learning chess start with the end game?

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Learn how to start with "End game" :

The practice is to empty the entire board, only three pieces in the game, for example, the "king end game" is only two Kings and a soldier on the board, there are countless kinds of tactics can be studied, simplifying the board but make understanding more profound, not only familiar with the king's power and footwork, but also produce a good intuition and creative chess way.

In addition, it is more aware of the function of "space" and combines the space without chess pieces with the king to create a dilemma for the opponent. Just three pieces can inspire creativity and power from the "understanding of the rules." (The fun is not less than playing a complete game of chess, but the CP value is higher) After learning the "king end game", learn the "elephant end game" and "car end game"..... In this way to understand the mystery of each piece. This is to accumulate basic skills, at the same time to experience the fun of learning, feel the wonderful interaction between "knowledge", "intuition" and "creativity".

On the other hand, if you start learning from the "beginning", it is easy to "fall into quicksand". Because beginners do not have much understanding of the nature of each chess piece, they simply cannot play, so the teacher always starts from the drill and analyzes various ways to bury mines and trap and surprise. But once you start here, you never leave, and some people even spend their lives memorizing the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings. This can be addictive and have dangerous consequence-like memorizing math problems without learning the real stuff.

What is more, although learning chess can not realize the value of "learning" itself, can not understand the "learning process" of the beauty, and finally become only look at the result, only to "win chess", so it will not go far. (Because the goal is to "win," not to "learn.")


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