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Do you know the trivialities of chess?

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1. Soldier Upgrade Option: In chess, when the pawn reaches the opponent's bottom line, it can be promoted, that is, transformed into any other piece except the king. Statistically, the vast majority of players choose to raise a pawn to a queen (about 96.9%) because the queen is the most powerful piece on the board.

2. Spare Queen: Since ascension is not limited to becoming a eaten piece, high-quality chess sets often include an extra queen in black and white in case of emergency. In actual matches, if more queens are needed, players can turn dead pieces up and down or lay them flat to represent queens.

3. Variety of openings: Chess openings are extremely rich, with more than 2,000 recorded variations. But some openings are obviously unwise choices, such as the "Worst Game" simulated with the strongest chess AI Stockfish using Gothamchess (Levy), in which White's first move selects 1.g4 and Black responds with 1.... f5, this move not only lost a pawn, but also weakened the defenses of their own king.

4. History: Chess has a long history, with everyone from ordinary people to royals trying their hand at the game. It can be traced back to ancient India's "Chaturanga" (Chaturanga), and gradually evolved into today's chess after it was introduced into Europe through Persia and Arabia.

5. Connection to Mathematics: There is a close connection between chess and mathematics. The famous mathematician Halkey mentioned in his essay "Confessions of a mathematician" that dismantling chess problems is like solving mathematical problems, while playing chess is like performing mathematical operations

. 6. Board structure: The chess board is composed of 64 grids, with 32 pieces on each side, including a king, a queen, 2 rook, 2 horse, 2 elephant and 8 pawn. The order of the moves is white moves first, and then the black and white sides alternate.

7. Special rules for pawns: Pawns are the only pieces that can advance two squares on their first move. In addition, when a pawn reaches the opponent's bottom line, he can only be promoted to another piece type of that country, and cannot remain a pawn. At the same time, when the pawn leans forward to eat the piece, it is done by jumping over the opponent's piece.

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