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Do you know how to play Mancala?

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Mancala is a very old game, which can be traced back to Egypt more than 3,000 years ago. Now it has spread all over the world, but it is especially popular in Africa. The wooden mancala board used in the game consists of 12 concave holes that can hold chips. In some African markets, you can also see some masters who are good at this game, scraping small holes in the ground and playing the mancala board game with small stones. Of course, the game has a bet and will attract a lot of enthusiasm.


Play rules


There are many variables in solid wood mancala, but they all depend on the count. Two players sit on both sides of the panel, one controls holes A to F and the other controls holes P to U. At the beginning, six chips are put in each hole.


83 1

Two people take turns to pick up all the chips from their own large mancala board, and then put them into each hole one by one clockwise or counterclockwise until all the chips are put out. If one person puts the last chip into the hole and makes the number of chips in the hole become 6, 4 or 2, then this person can take away all the chips in the hole. At the same time, if the number of chips in the first two holes is also 2, 4 or 6, then this person can also.


For example, if it is the second person's turn to play the marble board games mancala, there are five chips in T hole and D hole and three chips in C hole, then he can pick up five chips in T hole and put one chip in each U, F, E, D and C hole counterclockwise. This will make the number of chips in C hole 4, which can be taken away, and at the same time, there will be six chips in D hole, which can also be taken away. This situation is especially beneficial to the second person.


83 2

The purpose of the games similar to mancala is naturally to get more chips than the opponent. Players can take chips from any hole, but they can only start from their own hole.


At the last stage of the kalaha board game, the number of chips left in the hole will make it impossible for both sides to take away chips. At this time, you can start counting the number of chips each person has obtained.


Bead game mancala is a very popular chess for a simple reason, because its basic rules are very simple and its changes seem endless. Perhaps because of its simplicity, its rules have formed numerous variations, and surprisingly these variations are very interesting. Perhaps mancala wooden board game is a simple but powerful proof of its core gameplay design.


In addition, this game can directly dig a few pits on the ground and find some stone to play with. This best mancala game method is really fascinating. In fact, in Africa, many people use seeds as chess pieces, and the game itself has the image of "sowing seeds".

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