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:Do you know anything about fast sling puck game?

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In our spare time, we always want to relax through some games. Fast sling puck is a good choice. This kind of game doesn't need much professional equipment, and it needs high attention in the process of playing. At the same time, it also exercises people's coordination ability, so fast sling puck is very popular among young people. Next, I will introduce you how to play the fast sling puck game.

Basic needs

The only thing this game needs is a game board. This game board usually includes some small pucks made of wood and a wooden platform. Of course, there are also sling puck boards made of plastic, but the game boards made of wood have a better experience and are durable. The boards of fast sling puck games are all rectangular, with two tough rubber bands inside. The length of the board is more than twice the width. You can choose the size of the board according to the size of the space. Some smaller fast sling puck target tables are generally 15 inches by 8 inches, while the larger ones are 25 inches by 13 inches.

84-2-fast sling puck

Rules of the game

Before starting the game, the game board should be set up to ensure that both sides of the game have five pucks, and check whether the rubber bands are loose. There is a partition in the middle of the super winner sling puck board, but there is a space for the pucks to pass through. After checking the game board, you can decide who will take action first by flipping coins or scissors stone cloth. You need to push the rubber band with a puck in a certain direction, and aim the puck at the space on the partition, so that your fastrack sling puck can smoothly enter the opponent's territory through this space. The goal of fast slingshot board game is to see who first bounces all five pucks into the opponent's position.


After the first round starts, you should choose one of the five pucks and put it in the appropriate position of the rubber band, and then pull back to let the elasticity of the rubber band bounce the puck out. But don't use too much effort, it's not easy to master the direction of the sling puck, and it's easy to let the puck fly out of the game board, which wastes a certain amount of time. The whole game process needs to be played with one hand. The rhythm of fast slingback game is very fast. You can't relax after starting the game. Keep your attention and keep your opponent's pucks from entering your territory. When all the five pucks of one person enter opponent's territory, the game is over.

This game is very popular in the field of board games, which can bring people the exercise of strategic thinking and the fun of indoor board games. Although fast hockey sling puck game needs a lot of attention in the process of playing, it is also full of fun, which is very helpful to improve the coordination of people's hands and eyes.

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