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Do you know anything about Ludo?

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Ludo game for kids is a very popular children's game, which was invented in the late Victorian era. It is the development of Pachish game in ancient India. Ludo game is a casual puzzle game, which is very simple. It is similar to flying chess. You need to transfer your four pieces to the middle board position quickly. Because ludo board game is very simple and interesting, it is also a very popular game today.





Indian ludo game board is generally square with a cross pattern in the middle. This cross pattern divides Ludo board into four areas with different colors, which are generally green, yellow, red and blue. The cross area of the cross pattern is called home, and this area will be divided into four triangles on average, which also have four different colors. The cross pattern divides wooden ludo board into four independent parts, which are used for placing chess pieces.


76-1-ludo game for kids

The counter circulates in a square order from the end of the cross, and it needs to be adjacent to the beginning circle. Many modern Ludo boards mistakenly put the first square at the end of the cross, so we must pay attention to it. After each ludo snake game player chooses a color, all the colored parts should be the same as the selected color. After selecting the color, put the chess pieces in the correct position, and then decide the movement of the chess pieces by throwing dice.



The rule


Ludo club online game is usually played clockwise, and players take turns to throw dice, and the person with the highest number starts first. Players can decide which piece to move by themselves, but they must rotate clockwise. If there is no suitable piece to move, it needs to be passed on to the next player. ludo six player can move the chess pieces to the first square of the track only after throwing 6. If the chess pieces of one color coincide with the chess pieces of another color, the chess pieces at this position need to return to the starting position of the 6 player ludo board. If the chess piece falls in the same color as the chess piece, then no other chess piece can surpass or change the position of this chess piece. If a chess piece has circled the chessboard once, then the chess piece can enter the cross-shaped main road. After entering the main road, the chess piece can only be moved to the triangle by a precise throwing, that is, it arrives at home. As long as the ludo ludo game ludo game player first moves all the four chess pieces to the triangle of the corresponding color, he wins.


76-2-ludo game for kids

This game is very flexible. For children, the rules of the game can be simplified. For adults, other rules of the game can be used, such as the rules of Pachisi and Chaupur or Uckers. Game ludo game has matching classic appearance and good feeling graphics. Different models can participate, and there will be many masters, which will constantly make you strong. You can play with your friends in real life and strangers with common interests.

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