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Do You Know the Rules of Chess?

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Recently, “The Queen’s Gambit” has been popular and the interesting international chess game has attracted many people. For a new, you should know some basic rules of chess. Let’s see some important rules of chess together.


The set of chess board


As we all know, common chess board is a square board with eight rows. People call these rows “ranks”.  When the classic chess board is positioned, it should make sure that each player has a white square in the right hand corner and the queen should always be on the square that matches its color (for example, the white queen on the white square).


8 1

Each chess player has sixteen pieces to play with, including a king, a queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and eight pieces. Then, one player (let's call the "white player") will control the white pieces, and another player will control the black pieces. You should know that white always makes the first move. Chess players moves alternately one piece at a time mostly.


If your small chess pieces are moved to an unoccupied square or a square occupied by an opponent's piece; Then it will be captured by the opponent. But when you capture an opponent's piece, you can remove it completely from the game, leaving the opponent with one less piece and replacing the previously occupied square with a new.



How to play with the king?

There is no doubt that the king will also be attacked by his opponent, and when he is attacked, the process is called a "check". If your king is attacked, you are only allowed to effectively remove the king from the attack, then you must remove the king and put him back into a safe area. The player must not take any action that puts the king in a check position.


Totally speaking, the ultimate goal of a quality chess game is to checkmate the opponents; This happens when the opponent's king is in control and the opponents cannot take any action to remove the king from the attack. This attack is called as “checkmate”.


8 2

How to move the king?

Whether moving horizontally, vertically or diagonally, a king can only move one square at a time.

After starting the game, each king can make a special two-step move to make a castle attack. This involves moving the king's two squares towards the castle and onto the square across which the king crosses. But the castling has some limitations and it must meet some conditions:


1. If a player want to make a castle, then he must not have removed the king in the castling.

2. There are not pieces between the row and the king.

3. The king cannot be controlled-check, nor can the king pass through a square that is hit by an opponent's piece. Casting is not allowed if the king is placed in the check state.


In a sum, these are still some basic knowledge about the unique chess sets. If you want to learn more about the international chess set rules, please subscribe our website. 

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