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Do You Know the Connect Four Game

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Connect 4 board game is a type of Othello. It is a kind of puzzle board game. The colors of the chess pieces are mainly black and white, and sometimes there are chess pieces of other colors. The black and white sides are placed one after the other in the 8*8 grid. Black is the first mover, and White is the second mover. The rule of placement is that each column must start from the bottom one. According to this, you can move up one grid. After one side has placed the ball, the other side has placed the ball until the end of the game.

Connect Four game is a board game for two people to play against each other. On the chessboard, any party can win by first ordering its four pieces to form a straight line in the horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction. Connect Four was named by Milton Bradley in 1974.

32-1-Connect 4 board game

Game Rules

There are 6 rows and 7 columns on the board of Four Men Chess. The board is arranged vertically. Each player has 21 round chess pieces, which are distinguished by different colors. Two players take turns to put a piece into any row of the board that is not full at a time, and the piece will occupy the lowest unoccupied position in the row. Either of the two players first connect the four chess pieces in a straight line in the horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction to win and the game ends. If the chessboard is completely filled with chess pieces, but no one side has succeeded in putting the four chess pieces into a straight line, it becomes a tie.

Although Four Men Chess is a change from the gameplay of Five Men Chess, there are still some differences. The biggest difference between it and Gomoku is that the moves of the four-person chess will be restricted. After all, the board of the four-person chess is so small. If you can move the pieces at will, the game is really too simple, so it is restricted to every player. When playing chess, you must have a stone in the bottom row before you can continue to play. This also makes the four-piece chess game a different feature.

An effective way to win the connect four game is to use the piece to seal the position to pressure the opponent to place the piece in a certain place. This is a very important technique. If we can use one or two key chess pieces to make the opponent play somewhere when placing the chess pieces, we can simply win the game.

32-2-connect 4 basketball game

Another connect 4 strategy is to control the field of the game. However, there is a flaw in the control field that the black side control field game will be a tie. When we are White, we can make good use of the control field to play the game.

There is also this rule of 4 in a row game, which can prevent the opponent from being four in a row. This rule is to occupy even-numbered squares. As long as we are in a state of control, we can occupy even grids. As long as they occupy occasionally in this situation, the opponent will not be able to find a chance for the fourth company.

There are many variants of connect 4 game, including connect 4 card game, connect four calculator, connect 4 basketball game, connect four paper game and so on. Each variant has its own special gameplay, and you can choose different game variants according to your preferences.

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