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Do You Know What Is Dice Tray?.

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Dice tray can be used in many games especially some classic old board game, As a container, customized dice tray set often can be used to capture dice when rolling. It is common in board games and any other dice game -- to contain the dice in a specific area and prevent them from knocking down the game pieces.


Actually, there are not specific standard size or shapes on quality dice tray. Mostly, there are four shapes: square, circular, octagonal and rectangular.

1. The diameter of a square container is generally between 7 and 10 inches.

2. The width of the octagonal (or hexagonal) dice tray is usually about 10 to 12 inches.

3. Round die trays are usually 8-10 inches in diameter.

4. Rectangular die trays can be 5-8 inches wide and 10-12 inches long. Some small dice tray can be smaller than that.

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Round dice tray and square dice tray are most popular, when you select your dice tray, you can consider both shapes. Regardless of the shape, the dice tray is fairly uniform in height. Actually, 1.5 inches is the most common height, others are a little under 1-1.25 inches, while others are a little deeper at 1.75 inches. It's rare to see a die tray deeper than this.

Using occasion

1. Excited friends

If you have some friends who will get too excited when they get the dice, then the good dice tray is quite necessary. When they are in exciting emotion, they would speed up and roll the dice, and the dice would easily fly over the table, onto the floor, or into another room. Then the game needs to be stopped and you all must look for the missed dice. In order to prevent this situation, a wood tray dice is quite necessary.  

2. Shallow surface

When the surface you play is too small which influence your joy, wooden dice tray is a good option. Having a small die tray which can be passed around during each player's turn can relieves the hassle of trying to find available space on the board. It will reduce the time wasting and provide good playing experience for players.

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3. Many game pieces

For some flexible board games, there are many game parts which are positioned all over the table. These locations are key to the whole game and influence the final result. That’s why they can not be knocked. At this time, wood dice tray box can solve this problem. In the mini dice tray, the dice won’t knocked down the game pieces any more.

4. Lots of dices

Some board games may need a lot of dices. The player must roll these dices many times. Some problems will appear during this process. A dice tray can help fixing all the dices in a certain place which is easy for players to roll various dices. It will reduce the rolling time.

In a summary, dice tray is a good helper in many games. Xinxing Sport is always committed to provide the high quality dice tray for customers. We are a reliable and professional manufacturer. If you want to order some dice trays, you can contact us.

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