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Do You Know These Oldest Board Games?

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Since the birth of civilization 5,000 years ago, people have begun to play various forms of games. The board games we're looking at today were played by the earliest civilizations, such as the ancient Sumerians (from Mesopotamia) and the ancient Egyptians. Although we don't know much about the exact rules of these ancient games, historians have pieced together and reconstructed the gameplay so that we can play them today. There are six board games we will talk about today.


1. Senet

Senet comes from Ancient Egypt which may be world's oldest known board game. According to research, this board game was started in predynastic in 3500 BC. Senet board is a rectangular board made of wood, limestone or quartz sand and coated with a layer of coating. There are brightly colored glazes and carved squares and symbols on the board.


While historians aren't quite sure exactly how the game worked, Timothy Kendall and R.C. R.C. Bell restructured the game's gameplay. Their rules were based on snippets of text that mentioned the Senet, and modern Senet players now adopt these rules,



2. Checker

Checkers board game is a frequent board game now and it is also one of the oldest board games in the world. The origins of this classic board game date back to 3000 BC in the ancient city of southern Mesopotamia (now Iraq). The game has evolved and evolved over the years, taking different forms as it has been introduced to other countries. The most popular forms of game are English checker/American checker and Russian checkers.


3. Backgammon

Backgammon board game is another famous and old game. It's even older than chess. In 2004, archaeologists discovered a checkerboard that looked like backgammon in an ancient city in Iran. The origins of the board even date back to around 3000 BC, making it believed to be the oldest backgammon board in the world.


4. Mehen

Mehen is also a classic board game from ancient Egypt. It is considered to be the world's earliest multiplayer board game. The history of this game can go back to the pre-dynastic era. Its board is shaped like a coiled snake. There are two types of this game: marble-like balls and lion-shaped ivory pieces. Although the exact rules of Mehen are not known, historians believe that as many as six people could have played the game.



5. Nine Mens Morris

The game history of the nine-man Morris is very old, and there is no clear evidence of its origin, so no one knows exactly when and where the full game began. The game was popular in ancient Rome, because at that time Roman buildings had many boards carved into them. Nine Morris spread throughout Europe later and was very popular among priests and monks. The nine men's morris game is still widely known today, and its rules haven't changed much because their play has been chronicled.


6. Chess

Most people have the impression that chess board game is a very old game, but in fact, compared to other board games, it is relatively young. While the exact origins of chess board are unknown, most historians agree that the game originated in India, and some historians believe that it originated in China. 

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