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Do You Know The Keys to Set Up a Backgammon Board?

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In fact, backgammon is one of the oldest board games, dating back 5,000 years. It is a two-player game where the player is the first to remove all 15checkers from the board.


Although backgammon board game is not a complex game, and its set up is easy which even can be finished within 5 minutes, it is still possible for some new players to forget how to set up the wood backgammon board. Here are some instructions which can help you learn the steps.


What you need

Before you set up the backgammon board, you should prepare some necessary games pieces. For example, you must prepare a high quality backgammon board set with 30 discs, 15 in each of the two colors, 2 common discs. For backgammon board, there are many kinds you can choose such as professional backgammon set, travel backgammon set, custom backgammon board set, modern backgammon set.


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Game terms

Like many other well-known games, wood backgammon game also has its own set of names for the various parts of the board. Here we will introduce some terms.


1. Points, 24 triangular areas on which the discs are initially placed and moved.

2. Home board, half area of the backgammon board, actually the home board can be on your left or right sides decided by the color game you play. The other half of the backgammon board is called outer panel.

3. Bar, it separates the home board and outer board.



Some preparations 

1. The backgammon board set should be set on a level and stable surface.

2. Players should count their discs to mark sure that they have correct numbers. There are 30 discs in total, each player should have 15 dices with their own color.

3. If the game is fierce, you may need a double cube. But at the beginning, it doesn’t work.

4. You should choose the color you want to play.

5. It's important to decide whether you want to use a double cube or some other advanced game technique before you start playing.  

6. It doesn't matter whether the home board and the outer board are on the right or the left, but both players' two boards are on the same side.


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How to set up

1. Five discs of each player should be positioned on the point which is closest to the middle bar within the home board. On the contrary, anther five discs of each player should be positioned on the point which is farthest from the middle bar within the outer board.

2. Two discs of each player should be set on the point farthest from the bar and within the home board on opponent's side.

3. Three discs of each player should be placed on the second point near the middle bar and within the outer board.


After you finish these preparations, you can enjoy the joy of t

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