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Do You Know Mancala?

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Mancara is an ancient board game, and with the evolution of time, many variations of this game have developed in different places. Some people will buy the beautiful mancala board that Mancara needs specially, and some people will directly dig a few holes in the ground to play the game. No matter which way to play Mancara, they need to know the rules and historical background of Mancara.



Mancala' s basic needs


This kind of game needs two players to play, and the age range is relatively wide. It takes about 15 minutes to play a round of mancala ancient board games, so this kind of game is very suitable for playing in leisure time. If you want to try this kind of chess game at home, you can buy some wooden suits online to try it.


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Introduction of this game


First, put the same number of chips in the pits on the unique mancala board. In a round of games, players need to take out chips in one pit and put one chip in the next pit in sequence. When the chips in the pit reach a certain number, they can be taken out and kept in the into the pit. At both ends of the nice mancala board, the chips can be easily obtained by opponents, so try to make more chips in their hands.


Mancala has many variations of playing methods, and some of these rules and playing methods even contradict each other. In fact, even the winning and losing decisions are different. For example: There is a rule designed like this: if your last chess piece happens to be placed in your own hole, you can have an extra round, otherwise, it's your opponent's turn. There is a rule that is just the opposite: if your last chess piece is not in your own hole, and that small hole is not empty, then you can continue to pick up all the chess pieces in this hole and repeat the process of putting the chess pieces until the last chess piece falls in your antique mancala board hole.


It is also very interesting to judge the outcome. Some rules stipulate that the game ends when all the six holes on one side are empty. At this time, whoever has more pieces in the hole will win. Other rules stipulate that, if all the holes are empty, which side loses, it has nothing to do with how many pieces there are in mancala african stone game.




Origin and history


The word Mancara comes from Arabic, which means moving, and the african bead game mancala is not a specific game, but a general name similar to chess and card games. Mancala can be traced back to 500-700 BC. Two archaeologists searched for some evidence of Mancala in Aksumit Ethiopia. Thousands of years ago, people would dig holes in the land and use seeds as chips.


Board games like mancala have different developments in different places. In Africa, local people have developed Mancala into different versions of chess games with different names, such as Warri, Awari, Oware, and Wouri. In Europe, this kind of chess game only spread in the Baltic region. In North America, rock game mancala spread with the slave trade and gradually became very popular. For other parts of the world, this kind of game was gradually introduced to other countries along with Arab culture. 

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