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Do You Know How to Play Jenga?

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Jenga has become a very popular game at home or in social places, including bars, recreation centers and outdoor. Its goal is to remove a wood block from the bottom of giant wooden game and put it at the top of jenga wood tower. This game will become more and more difficult as the game goes, until one player makes the tower crash, the last player wins because he successfully places a block on top.


The game was invented by Leslie Jones, an Englishman who grew up in Ghana, East Africa. Her family originally played the game with a set of wooden blocks, one of her 5-year-old brother's toys. Wood block puzzle game is invented by


How to play

Classic wood block game consists of 54 wood blocks, each piece is three times longer than its width. Before the game begins, the wood tower should be built. The tower should be constructed in such a way that "all the bricks are laid in three levels, side by side along their long sides, and at right angles to the level above," said jeaga official website.


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1. Use one hand at any time, remove one block each time.

2. Place the block you remove on the top of jenga wood tower.

3. The next player's turn begins 10 seconds later.

4. When a block is removed and unused, it must be replaced from its original position, unless doing so would cause the tower to fall.


If one player's movement causes the tower to fall, this giant block tower game ends, the last player wins the victory.



Some tips

Wood block puzzle is a great game because it is harder than it looked. Keep these tips in mind when you play Janga to give yourself a better chance of winning.


1. Be patient when you remove your block. If you make a bad wood black move, you may easily lose the game. You need to be patient and consider your each move.


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2. Change hands. It is banned to use two hands, but you can change your hand. You can change your hands to move the block if it gives you a better experience.


3. Set up. Sometimes, your movement will cause you to place a block on top of the tower, which will make the tower wobble extra. This is a smart move. However, just remember that if the other player makes a successful move, you'll have a lot of trouble when it's your turn.


4. Grasp the chance. Adopting a long-term strategy is not a wise method for you. You just need to consider each move currently.


When you play jenga, you must keep these tips in your mind. But the most important thing and the first thing is to enjoy this game. Free wood block game is a game which can give you a lot of fun with your family or your friends.


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