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Chess, the touchstone of human wisdom, returns to the Asian Games after 13 years

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                                                           Chess, the touchstone of human wisdom, returns to the Asian Games after 13 years

Write in front: Hangzhou Asian Games will open in September. With the launch of the official ticketing website for the Hangzhou Asian Games on July 8, people's attention has been drawn to the events. In a total of 40 major items, 61 sub-items, 483 sub-items, what is the first choice to see? How does the game work? What gold MEDALS do Chinese athletes have?

This event: Chess

After 13 years, chess was selected for the second time in the Asian Games, and will appear on the big stage of the Hangzhou Asian Games, which makes many chess fans look forward to it.

Chess has a long history in China. In the long-term development process, it has formed a unique chess culture, and the concept of "harmony is precious" and "chess goods" has been deeply rooted in people's hearts. "There are six chess sets on the rickets; Separate camps and advance, the road is forced ", the allusion of the Warring States period "Chu Ci" for the first time recorded the word "chess". The origin of chess has long been impossible to verify, through thousands of years of time, today we can only find its trace in the literature and classics.

As an intellectual game that simulates ancient wars, each game deduces the golden horse and the battle on the chess board at hand. The chariots, horses, guns, and soldiers on the chessboard are symbols of ancient chariots, horses, artillery (or catapults), and soldiers. Compared with other sports, chess has the most direct internal relationship with ancient military, and its strategic thought and tactical characteristics are influenced by ancient military thought.

Some people may ask, why are some places called chess and some places called Chinese chess? In fact, in 2009, in order to promote the popularization and promotion of the project in the world, the State General Administration of Sport agreed to change the name of the "Chinese chess" project to "chess", and the English translation of the name "Xiangqi".

Only by closely combining with the progress of The Times can the ancient project maintain its youthful vitality. Since the first national individual chess competition was held in 1956, chess, an ancient competitive event, has gradually built up the framework system of modern sports events. Since the first World Championship was held in 1990, more and more international events have brought chess to the world competitive stage. The World Chess Federation (WXF) was established in Beijing in 1993. By holding international chess competitions and carrying out various chess activities, the World Chess Federation has actively promoted the international development of chess.

In Asia, the level of Chinese chess players is a well-deserved hegemon, the level of Southeast Asian countries in recent years has also skyrocketed, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries have also emerged many excellent chess players.

This Asian Games is the second time that chess has been included in the Asian Games. Thirteen years ago, chess entered the Asian Games for the first time, when the men's individual and women's individual two events were set up, Hong Zhi, Lu Qin and Tang Dan, Wang Linna respectively represented the Chinese team to compete, and finally Hong Zhi and Tang Dan won the male and female champions respectively. The chess event of this year's Hangzhou Asian Games, compared with the Guangzhou Asian Games, has increased from two individual events for men and women to three events for men and women and men and women mixed groups.

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