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Chess is back in the Asian Games after the chess Kings teamed up for the gold medal

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                                                      Chess is back in the Asian Games after the chess Kings teamed up for the gold medal

In the Harry Potter films, Wizard Chess is the most popular puzzle game in the wizarding world. In the Philosopher's Stone chapter, RON, one of the main characters, led his partners Harry and Hermione through the level of the giant wizard chess game. In fact, the prototype of wizard chess is "enchanted" chess.

After 13 years of absence from the Asian Games, the return of chess to the competition has attracted the attention of chess fans at home and abroad. On April 30 this year, Chinese chess player Ding Liren reached the top of the chess World Championship throne, which is to raise the project to the "national level" heat again.


Europe by the Arabs, becoming an international chess game. It is an intellectual competitive sport and was once listed as an official Olympic event.

A small chessboard contains an endless field of sand. The chess board is a square, consisting of 8x8 small black and white squares. One piece is black, the other is white, 16 pieces each, each piece represents a different class of arms.

In the field of chess, the world men's chess champion and the world women's chess champion are often called the King and Queen of Chess, which also represents the highest personal honor for chess players.

Compared with foreign countries, Chinese chess started late. In 1956, chess was listed as an official sports competition by the Chinese sports administrative department, and the Chinese chess team has now become a strong team in the world chess field. This year, Ding Liren from Wenzhou won the world men's chess champion and was crowned the world chess champion. This is the first time for a Chinese male chess player to reach the top of the national elephant world. The overall performance of Chinese female chess players is even better, with Xie Jun, Zhu Chen, Xu Yuhua, Hou Yifan, Tan Zhongyi, Ju Wenjun and so on.

Compared with other sports, the field of chess and other chess games is more special. There will never be cheers and shouts like in other arenas, because the players need to stay focused, and the arena is almost silent. For the athletes, it was a mental showdown at its peak

In his essay "Confessions of a Mathematician", the mathematician Georg Halki described chess in this way: solving chess problems is like solving mathematical problems, and playing chess is like performing mathematical operations. Soviet scholar Yeyakik wrote in the preface of his book Chess and Mathematics that the chess board, pieces and its moves are often used to illustrate various mathematical concepts and solutions.

In mid-July, FIDE Presidium members, Treasurer Zhu Chen, FIDE Executive President Victor Pologang and their delegation visited the Asian Games chess venue - China Chess Academy Hangzhou Branch International Exchange Center (Intelligence Building). Zhu Chen said that compared with traditional sports, although the arena of intellectual sports is more "quiet", and the winning and losing are only between square inches, but at the same time, while maintaining the wonderful confrontation of competitive sports, intellectual sports make the meaning of "sports" more rich and complete, adding endless charm.

Chess in the Asian Games is also relatively bumpy - in 2006 Doha Asian Games, chess became an official event for the first time. At the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, chess, chess and Go entered the Asian Games for the first time. However, at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games and the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games, chess was dropped, along with the mental sports of chess and Go.

Chess is back in the Asian Games, and players are ready. As early as May this year, the Chinese Chess Association announced the list of athletes to participate in the Asian Games. Among the men's team, Bu Xiangzhi, Xu Xiangyu and Wei Yi will join the chess king Ding Liren to represent the Chinese team in the Asian Games national elephant competition. The four women's team members are Zhu Jiner, Hou Yifan, Zhai Mo and Tan Zhongyi, of which Hou Yifan and Tan Zhongyi have won the title of chess queen. Among the eight players who participated in the Asian Games, Ding Liren, Zhu Jiner and Hou Yifan were three athletes from Zhejiang.

This Asian Games in Hangzhou, chess will produce 4 gold MEDALS. Within Asia, in addition to China's winning strength, Uzbekistan, India, Kazakhstan and other countries have also emerged in recent years a number of strong chess players, they will be the strong opponents of the Chinese team in the Asian Games. In May, the new world chess champion Ding Liren returned to Hangzhou for a short rest and then went into the training for the Asian Games. When asked about his goal for the Asian Games, Ding Liren replied: "Just get a gold medal and set a small goal first."

Then let us look forward to the strong Chinese chess players in the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games to bring wonderful performance.

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