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"Chess from primary school, lifelong benefit" What good habits can chess bring to children?

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                                                        "Chess from primary school, lifelong benefit" What good habits can chess bring to children?

As more and more parents focus on the cultivation of children's interests and comprehensive qualities, chess has become the choice of more parents and children. On the small black and white chess board, it is not only the competition of chess skills, but also the cultivation of children's character.

Chess is an intellectual game played by two players. Before the game, the two players set up their chess equipment, shake hands or nod, and say to each other "learn from you" and "Please give more advice." For a chess player, the opponent is both an opponent and a teacher. If you play against a good player, you can find your shortcomings and correct them. Win not proud, lose not discouraged. It is the attitude of respecting the opponent that has developed a good moral character for the child.

Chess is played against two players, one with white and the other with black. When playing chess, whether it is a white field of view or a black field of view, the bottom right corner of the board must be white, white must be placed on the white grid, and black must be placed on the black grid. The white king must be in e1, and the black King must be in e8. The game is played by the white player first, each move, the two sides take turns until the end of the game.

In the chess competition, the players strictly abide by the rules of "touching the son, walking the son, dropping the son without regret" and so on. Chess has a great influence on the development of rules for children, and the development of children's habits of doing things openly.

During the game, it is stipulated that the white chess moves first and the black chess moves later, and the two sides take turns to move, one step at a time. Chess is a zero-sum game, which is also known as game theory or zero-sum game, derived from game theory. It refers to a game in which the players have lost and won, and the win of one side is the loss of the other side, and the total score of the game is always zero.

Concentrate on every move, not only for their own respect, but also for the opponent's respect. Do not interfere or distract your opponent in any way, including repeatedly proposing a draw despite rejection. Playing chess is a game between gentlemen, Ming Song Lian "Answer Zhang Xiucai confessed poetry book" : "Only Tao Yuanliang sky high... Straight super Jianan and on, high sentiment far rhyme, almost Judas soup full of martial, not false salt acides and to taste self-preservation also." For a chess player, noble character is more valuable than winning or losing.

The object of a chess game is to checkmate the opponent's king. The rules of the game: when the king of one side is attacked by the opposing pieces, he becomes the king to be illuminated, and the attacking side is called the "general", at this time the attacked side must immediately "respond to the general", if the general can not avoid the general, the king is checkmate (except for the long general), and the "general" side wins the game.

Follow the rules, calm the mind, the mind is quick and thorough. In the Analects of Confucius, Xian Wen, Zeng Zi said: 'A gentleman cannot think out his position. '" When playing chess, handle lightly, do not interfere with the opponent's chess, is the basic chess literacy, do not argue with the opponent in private under the premise of abiding by the rules, and inform the referee in time when there is a controversial law, so as not to interfere with the game.

There has been a long debate abroad about the nature or definition of chess. Former world champion You Wei, who served two terms as president of the International Chess Federation, once said in a book that chess is a fusion of competition, art and science. Among them, sports account for about 50%, and arts and sciences account for about 25% each.

Chess is not so much a game as a fusion of art and science. Some games are won, some are lost. After a game of chess, whether you win or lose, you should maintain a gentleman's attitude.

After learning chess, the biggest gain of small chess players is not only the improvement of skills, but the shaping of personal character, theoretical level and the cultivation of chess products.

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