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Checkers rules and techniques

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                                                                                   Checkers rules and techniques


1. The board is a hexagonal star, played by two to six players at the same time, and each player uses a corner of checkers.

2. The pieces are divided into six colors, each color has 6 or 10 or 15 pieces, 10 pieces are called "ten checkers", 6 pieces are called "six checkers", and 5 pieces are called "fifteen checkers".

3. The movement of chess pieces can be carried out in the adjacent six directions with a straight line connection, and if the conditions are met, you can directly "jump" and first occupy all the positions opposite to win. ,

Chess piece move

1. "Move" : You can step by step move one space in front of the six adjacent directions with a straight line connection

2. "Adjacent jump" : there is a piece of any side in the adjacent position, and the next position in the straight direction of the position is empty, and you can directly "jump" to the empty space

3. "Isometric jump" : In a line segment formed by any vacancy on the same line, only one piece of any side located in the middle of the line segment can jump directly to that vacancy.

4. In the process of jumping, as long as the same conditions are met, it can be continued.

Skill and method

It can be divided into three stages: opening, middle and ending (to borrow the term of Go).

[Opening] The process from the deployment of the two pieces to the initial contact with each other, generally within 10 moves;

Checkers have a pattern of opening, both sides can quickly move their own pieces.

Summary: The opening is very important, their own pieces did not go out early, it is easy to be trapped dead behind.

[middle disc] The stage in which the forces of both sides are entangled together, fighting for a way out, and at the same time setting obstacles for each other;

1. Accurately grasp the opportunity, while creating opportunities, to jump as the principle, continuously jump down. To repair their own "jump road", as far as possible to make their own jump road smooth, this is attack.

2. At the same time, note that you can't let the jump road you built provide the other party with the convenience of jumping. To prevent each other jumping. If the other side has a good road, it must be blocked, which is prevention.

3. Attack and defense are not independent, and attack without defense or defense without offense is not the way to win

Summary: Calculate the next step and the other person's next step before taking a step (the more steps you can push back the better)

How to quickly come out of both blocking each other.

[End] is that the chess pieces of both sides are basically separated, and each enters the opposite position as soon as possible in its own way.

Design the best plan for your end in advance. Establish the concept of the number of steps, with speed as the principle, and pursue the least number of steps (the first principle).

Understand the function of each position, the arrangement and rational use of the force layout.

In short, build your own way into the array, pay special attention to the innermost position, do not be blocked by yourself.

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