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Can you play Ludo?

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Ludo is a board game which is suitable for many people to participate in, and generally can let 2 to 4 people play. This game is based on an Indian Pachish game. Because ludo game is very simple, it is very popular with people. The ultimate goal of this game is to make players' chess pieces in the middle of the board. Then this article introduces the specific play of Ludo game.



Start the game


You can choose one of the four colors of the chessboard according to your preference, and then put the ludo snake game chess pieces in the corresponding position. A Ludo board is generally divided into four parts by a cross pattern, and the four arms extended by this cross pattern will be cut into three rows of squares, so that the chess pieces can circle along the chessboard in sequence, and you can choose when the chess pieces start moving according to your own wishes.


77-1-ludo 2 player

First of all, the ludo six player should take turns to roll the dice. The person who throws the largest number can start to move the chess pieces first, and when moving the chess pieces, it should also follow the clockwise direction. At the beginning, the first chess piece can only be moved when the dice is thrown with the number six. Of course, the numbers can also be specified before the ludo board game starts, such as moving the chess pieces when the dice is thrown with the number three. Next, each player only needs to move the pieces according to the number of the dice thrown. For example, if you throw a 3, you can move the pieces by 3 spaces. Every 6 members ludo player should pass the dice to the next player after moving a pawn, so that the player's pawn will move forward constantly according to the number thrown.


When your dice are thrown with the number six, then you can put your chess pieces in the space, and you can throw them again to determine the moving distance of the chess pieces.



Move the chess pieces


Both ludo 2 players should move the chess pieces in a clockwise order, and the players should take turns and circulate constantly. For example, when a player throws the number six, he can put his own chess piece on the chessboard and then throw it again to decide how far the chess piece can move. If the chess piece on the chessboard cannot move, it should be the next player's turn to throw directly.


The most interesting part of Ludo' s game is that you can directly return your opponent's chess pieces to the starting point of the 6 player ludo board. If other players' chess pieces are in the same position, but your chess pieces need to be put in this position after being thrown, you can directly push your opponent's chess pieces back to the starting point. Only when the opponent throws the number six can you move the chess pieces into the space. If your two game ludo game pieces are in the same position, it can form a barrier, and your opponent can't surpass it. Although it can block your opponent to a certain extent, it will slow you down. If there is an opponent's chess piece on the way forward, the only way for you to pass is to throw a precise number to occupy his position, and you can't pass that chess piece directly.


77-2-ludo 2 player


The final victory


In the process of moving indian ludo game chess pieces, avoid some spaces with special marks on the board. Some spaces are painted with circular or crown patterns. If your chess pieces fall on these positions, they will be directly transmitted to the starting point. Only when the number six is thrown can the chess pieces start moving again. If you want all your chess pieces to return to the middle of Ludo board, you need to throw them very accurately. If you want to win the ludo snakes and ladders, you can't just let one chess piece reach the middle of the chessboard. Only when all four chess pieces reach the middle position of the chessboard can you really win. This requires all four chess pieces to walk around the chessboard in a clockwise direction and then enter the position according to the exact numbers.

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