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Can Building blocks develop children's intelligence?

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                                                     Can Building blocks develop children's intelligence?

Building block toys are a very classic and practical toys, there are many types of building block toys on the market now, and babies of different ages can also choose building block toys according to their own needs and preferences.

Building blocks belong to the type of material toys, if only a single toy can not play a real effect, the need for different sizes, different shapes of building blocks together and finally show the overall effect of educational toys.

What are the benefits of building blocks for children's development? It's a question many parents have


First, develop the right brain and create

Children can play with their creativity and imagination in the process of playing blocks, and then design and build according to their own creativity, this process is to improve the development of the baby's right brain, because the right brain dominates our human creative ability. Therefore, building blocks can achieve the role of the right brain.

Second, hand-eye coordination, all-round development

Playing blocks is a sport that requires hands and eyes, including the brain, and children are not messing around, they are constantly thinking about the design, and then through the hands to complete. So this process is the cultivation of the child's hand-eye coordination.

3. Exercise spatial thinking

Building block toys themselves are combined toys from part to the whole. When children play with building blocks, their spatial imagination will be enhanced, and they will understand that the overall shape is built from part, and they will also understand how the part is separated from the whole. Therefore, building blocks are of great benefit to cultivating children's spatial thinking.

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