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Bowling buying guide

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Bowling is a sport that everyone likes. This can be a great activity for family, company team building or even dating, but if you want to be better and improve your bowling skills, owning your own bowling ball set is a crucial step.


The characteristics and functions of bowling

1. Ten pin bowling can easily relieve and eliminate the pressure in work and life.

2. Regardless of age and gender, everyone can participate in ten pin bowling sets, which can fully reflect equal competition between people.

3. Regardless of physical strength, you can get high scores in set bowling as long as you work hard. Therefore, people's self-confidence can be cultivated and strengthened.

4. Bowling can make up for the lack of exercise in daily life and under the burden of work.

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Bowling buying guide

Whether it is a beginner or a skilled player, it is recommended to buy a special bowling set. For beginners, you need to pay more attention to the details. Beginners generally use the traditional two-section direct catching method. That is to insert the middle finger and ring finger into the finger hole until the second knuckle. The most important thing is to choose a set of bowling balls with a slightly loose thumb hole, but the middle finger hole and ring finger hole should not be too loose, otherwise it is not easy to catch the ball and it is easy to drop the ball due to looseness.


Another method is that when choosing a plastic bowling ball, you can place the ball in your palm for comparison. If you can support it for half a minute, this plastic bowling ball set will suit you. Of course, you can also choose to use a lighter ball, but if it is too light, the power of the shot will be reduced to a certain extent. The public ball in the arena has never been carefully built for you. Of course, it is even more difficult to match your needs. If you have to play 2 to 3 times a week, I do suggest you to equip your own ball. After all, using bowling balls that do not match your fingers for a long time will not only hinder the improvement of your technique, but also easily get hurt.


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In addition, you can't be too sloppy when buying bowling set up. It also need consider the following four elements.

1. The ball path to play. Different ball paths have different requirements for the center of the ball.

2. The speed of the ball. The speed of the ball is determined by the softness and hardness of the ball.

3. Your height and weight. Height and weight are related to the weight of the indoor bowling set, you can try to use the ball that suits you.

4. Budget. This is related to the price of the ball. The price of each ball is different. The key is to be able to choose a bowling ball that suits you and is within your budget.


Are you confused about how to choose the bowling ball set that suits you? Welcome to contact us for more professional details.

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