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Beginner's Guide to Washer Toss

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Washer Toss is a fun social yard game. Two or four players can start playing Washer Toss. As long as you get more washers into the washer toss boxes than your opponent, you will win the game! The following is an introductory guide about Washer Toss, I hope it will be helpful to you.


Origin of Washer Toss

Washer game is most common on backyard dates or parties, but its origin is a mystery. Some people believe that the roots of this simple and interesting game can be found in ancient civilizations, while others believe that its origins can be traced back to the interruption of travel by early American pioneers using spare washers on wagon wheels. The most common theory is that the game started with Texas oilfield workers in the 20th century who shook washers from the derrick to relieve their boredom at work.


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Preparation of Washer Toss

Before we start playing three hole washer toss, we should arrange the venue first. The gasket plate and the box are usually placed on a flat surface about 20 feet apart. If you want to increase the difficulty of the challenge, you can set the distance farther. Playing washers game can easily arouse the interest of friends and spend happy time with them.


The washer throw can be performed by a team of one or two players. If there are two people, you can choose one-on-one games. After each round, two players throw in the same direction. If there have more friends at home, you can choose a team competition. For example, one player from each team standing at both ends of the playing area.


In order to determine the order of the game, participants will first start a "diddle" round. During the diddle, each player throws the washer to the opposite cup. The player with the washer boards closest to the cup will win and go first. In the case of a tie, the second didid will be played until the order of the game is determined.


Now that the preparations for the 3 hole washer toss game are complete, it's time to start throwing the washer. Players can throw from either side of the board and allow one foot to pass over the front of the washer toss boards or washer pitching boxes.


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Tips for asher toss

Even games created for backyard entertainment and friendly competition have some tricks for better performance. The following are some methods that can help you improve the technique of playing washer game set, so that you can win the game among your partners.


For most people, it is better to use a pitching motion to throw. In order to obtain better toss accuracy, we can put the washer on the middle finger, and then fix the index finger. This will help the pitching washers spin down from the index finger in a trajectory parallel to the ground.


Washer toss is a very interesting game, which is very popular abroad. If you have any purchase plans for washer toss, welcome to contact us to get the latest quotation.

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