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Beginner's Guide to Croquet

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Croquet is an ideal way to kill leisure time. But croquet for beginners don’t know how to start? Taking into account their needs, the following are some introductory guides for beginners reference.


How to get started in croquet?

Croquet sport is a form of confrontation between two teams. The players of the two teams can only win the final victory by dividing the work and exerting team spirit.


There are 8 players in each team, 5 of them are on the field, and the other 3 are on standby. The five players on the field each take their own croquet mallet and the croquet ball set in the order of strike. When the referee calls their own number, they take their own ball to the teeing area and hit the ball with the flat part of the croquet club, starting from the first goal to the third goal and the final goal post. During the entire game, the player of the own team will help the players of the same team to pass the goal or the goal post, and will also hit the ball of other team players out of bounds. Not only do they make full use of the comprehensive layout of chess, but also need the skills of playing pool and golf.


73 croquet ball (1)

How about the rules of croquet?

Before the start of a croquet match, the two sides roll the ball from one side of the court to the other side of the line. The ball closest to the line has the right to choose to hit first or second. The game uses 4 balls, divided into 4 colors: blue, red, black and yellow. In singles, each person hits two balls; in doubles, each person hits one ball. 6 hoop gates and 1 goal pole are placed on the court. At the beginning of the game, the athletes hit the ball from one end of the court in order to enter the court. One point is awarded for the ball passing through a hoop. Follow the route to hit the ball back and forth 12 times through the hoop gate to get 12 points, and finally hit the goal pole plus 1 point. It means the full score of 1 ball is 13 points, and the full score of two balls is 26 points. The team that completes two croquet balls with a full score (26 points) firstly wins.


How to play croquet?

The game of croquet is through the goal, the strike, the blitz, and the constant repetition. Because of the sequence of the strike numbers, the combat method is also different. The sport croquet belongs to a collective sport.

73 croquet ball (2)


The hitting refers to the fact that the player uses the club to directly hit the ball. Putting, two consecutive blows, and the use of a part outside of the hammer head plane is a foul and loses the right to continue game. The basic posture of the shot is that the foot is shoulder-width apart, the club is placed between the two feet, and the ball is approximately in front of the left foot. At the 10 cm position, the club swings like the pendulum of a clock, aligned with the center of the sphere in parallel with the body, adjust the force depending on the distance of the target, and make a hit.


Do you have a preliminary understanding of croquet now? Now prepare a set of croquet equipment for practice. If you have the demand for croquet set, please contact us for professional advice.


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