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At what age is chess best learned?

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The great American inventor Franklin once said, "Chess is more than entertainment... Life is a game of chess."

chess originated in Asia and then spread to Europe. Chess is not only a common chess game, but also an intellectual competitive sport. It was once listed as an official Olympic competition event and played a good role in promoting intellectual inspiration. Because of this, more and more parents choose to let their children learn chess.

Chess has many benefits

The experts surveyed the benefits of learning and playing chess from an educational and psychological research perspective, and concluded that children who learn chess can:

① Improve intelligence quotient (IQ) scores.

Strengthen problem solving skills and teach children how to make complex and abstract decisions independently.

Improve reading, memory, language and math skills.

Cultivate critical, innovative and original thinking.

Provide practice in making accurate and quick decisions under time pressure, a skill that can improve school test scores.

Teach children how to think logically and effectively, and learn to choose the "best" solution from many options.

It challenges gifted children and potentially helps underachieving children learn and strive for excellence.

Learn to plan flexibly, stay focused, and anticipate the consequences of decisions.

Boys and girls, regardless of their natural abilities and social background, can benefit from learning chess.

As a chess player, psychological quality is very important

If you want to play chess well, you must not only pass the technical level, but also the psychological quality is extremely important.

"You can't underestimate the importance of psychology in chess," Kasparov once said, "although there are many chess players who try to downplay this factor, I believe that victory is not only on the board, but in all aspects of your life, you need a continuous and strong psychology."

If you look back at the games and matches of the grandmasters, you will find that they have one thing in common: they are able to use enough patience in the game to find opportunities and take advantage of them. Therefore, if you want to cross the coveted level of 2000, you have to be patient enough to play chess.

Impatience is the main cause of mistakes in chess. A quick and thoughtless move will put your pieces in a bad position, resulting in a loss of the chess that you should draw, or a win that you should draw.

It is normal to lose the game in chess, but many children are difficult to accept the loss at the beginning, but through learning and exercise, children know that it does not matter if they lose, they must sum up lessons and experience, and start again until they win. Through the failure again and again, the accumulation of experience again and again, the child not only gradually improved the ability to frustrate, but also became more and more confident.

The best age to learn chess

chess has become a part of people's life and leisure, and many people don't start to play chess until they are adults, which may be a little late; But, for our children: it's never too late to start learning chess!

Chess has been recognized by the world as one of the powerful educational tools that can be used to strengthen a child's mind. Learning how to play chess is so easy that most six - and seven-year-olds can follow the basic rules and play a decent game, some as young as four or five.

As with learning languages and music, starting early can help children become more proficient later in life. But no matter how old a child is, learning chess can increase attention, patience and perseverance, as well as improve creativity, intuition and memory.

Most importantly, you can analyze and extrapolate from a common set of principles, learn to make tough decisions and solve problems flexibly.

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