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7:How to Win on Connect Four?

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Four Men Chess is a game where black and white pieces are used to win consecutive pieces. Each player takes turns playing chess in a game, and the order of the moves starts from the black square. Then another player continued, and finally reached a four-player connection in the process.

The goal of the new connect four game is very simple. Just connect the 4 pieces in a straight line in the vertical, horizontal or diagonal direction. It may seem simple, but taking a wrong step may result in losing everything.

Tic-Tac-Toe is an original game that continuously acquires fragments, while connect 4 dots game is a classic strategy game. Connect four board game can move quickly, which requires some quick thinking on the player. Like Tic Tac Toe, Connect 4 is played between two people. But you can be creative when constructing tic-tac-toe boards.

34-1-connect 4 dots game

Some quick tips on how to win on modern connect 4:

1. Predict the opponent's actions

Wooden connect 4 game is very similar to other strategy games. But for players who are not accustomed to rack-mounted games, this is almost intimidating. It is important to foresee the opponent's movements. Otherwise, the opponent will win at any time!

2. Stay in the middle

On a standard seven-column board, any non-vertical four-connection must use an inspector in the center column. If you control most of the central column, it will be difficult for your opponent to get consecutive fours.

3. Look Ahead

If your opponent can create a triple in open, playable space on both sides, then you are likely to lose the game. When your opponent gets two checkers in a row, please pay attention immediately to prevent this from happening. Trying to predict how your opponent will win will help you defend against your opponent.

4. Watch out for Game-Ending spaces

A certain amount of space on the board will give you or your opponent a chance to win four consecutive championships. If this happens, then as long as the space is filled with chess pieces, the game will end. You can safely ignore all the spaces above the end of the game space in the same column, and any potential continuations that depend on the space you ignore.

34-2-connect four board game

5. Disseminate threats as much as possible

The ideal location is to have two potential quadruple rings, which require a final inspection in the two spaces on top of each other. If your opponent fails to stop, you will win. Otherwise, you will play the game at the top to win in the next space. An easy way to make this setting is to make your checkerboard "7". In this way, completing the horizontal or diagonal quadrilateral connection on the right side will cause the two spaces to overlap each other.

There are many variations of connect 4 dots game, mainly including connect 4 travel game, connect four paper game, connect four garden game and connect four card game.

Connect 4 online is a high-quality four-man chess game on the platform, which supports single-player and two-player modes. The game is a bit similar to the gomoku game we often play. You can download this game to play with friends in your leisure time.

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