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6 tips for improving your chess game

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                                                                  6 tips for improving your chess game

 1:About tactics

Deep and accurate calculation is the key to winning chess. Problem solving can be used to improve tactical skills.

1. If you think it's easier to play chess than to look at pictures, do it. But try not to move the chess pieces. Do it in your head.

2. Write down answers, calculate changes, and seek hidden defenses. Don't be too quick to check your answers.

3. Take time to be accurate.

4. Don't give up easily. If the problem is too difficult, skip it and come back to it. The next day there may be new ideas. After a few tries, we'll see.

5. After you have completed one test, check your answers. The wrong thing needs to figure out what went wrong. Even if you do it right, it is instructive to go over all the wrong practices shown in the answer.

6. Record mistakes and problems. This is the most helpful to you and illustrates the weakness of your chess game. The questions will have to be redone after the book is finished.

7. Don't rush to finish the hundred papers. This is at least a one-year course. In order to make the harder part in the back, you must consolidate the easier part in the front. One or two papers a week would be appropriate.

8. This is a workbook. The questions are challenging. Don't expect to do all of them. Try your best, commit to it, that's the point. It is necessary to find ideas and calculate changes. The best method is not the end, how to find it is.

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2:Actual combat

A few innings a week is necessary. Must be focused, serious and accurate. Quick chess and random chess are not helpful.

Preferably with a slightly superior or equal opponent.

It works with computers, but it's better with people.

Also available on the Internet. But you can't play fast chess. Don't play under 15 minutes.

You can also practice:

The Middle Office plan. Choose the opening you use or want to learn, and at the end of the opening plan how to proceed.

3:Research paper

Heights are slow. A little more time, a little more progress.

Your time devoted to chess is mainly divided into solving problems, actual combat, and reading books.

The main content of the book is: end game, opening game, strategy, game selection. All parts need to be balanced.

Balance time. Instead of spending a whole day on the weekend, study for an hour every day.


4:Introductory chapter

The opening is also important, but only part of it, don't spend too much time here like everyone else. If you understand the fundamentals of the opening game, you can usually make a good middle game.

Prepare an opening library. Try not to deviate. After each game, check for any deviations from the "book."

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