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5:What Is Nine Men's Morris Game?

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Nine Men's Chess is a very old intellectual game. Its history can even be traced back to the ancient Egyptian era, more than 1400 BC. The board of this game has 24 grid points, each of which has nine pieces on each side of the game, which take turns to be placed on the empty positions of the board. If one party has three pawns connected in a line, that is, a factory is formed, it can choose to capture one of the opponent's pawns. The pieces to be eaten cannot be located in the factory formed by the opponent, unless all the pieces of the opponent have formed a factory. After the nine chess pieces are placed on the chessboard, they can be moved to adjacent positions along the lines on the chessboard to form a factory to capture the opponent's chess pieces. A factory can be opened and closed for repeated use. If there are only three pieces left on one side, the pieces can fly to any position without being restricted by moving to adjacent positions. A player loses when there are only two pieces left or all his pieces cannot move.

28-1-Nine Mens Chess

The rules of nine men's morris online are simple, easy to learn and understand. It is also a traditional board game. It has a long history and appeared in our country more than 500 BC. It is a chess activity suitable for all ages. Within a square inch, it can highlight the whimsical ideas of the players.

The chessboard is composed of three nested rectangles and the center line of each side of the rectangle. A total of 24 points can be placed on the board. The game is usually started by drawing a board on the ground.

Both sides hold 9 pieces each. The material is not limited. As long as you can distinguish between the two players.

The chessboard is composed of three nested rectangles and the center line of each side of the rectangle.

This game board online has 24 grid points, each player has nine pieces, and it is called nine pieces of chess. Take turns down to the empty positions on the chessboard. The game is divided into two stages-chess stage and chess move stage. In the first stage (the chess stage), each player has 9 pieces, and the pieces are placed at the intersection of the line. After playing their respective pieces in turn on general mills game website, they automatically enter the next stage (the move stage).

In the process of playing and moving chess in the nine men's morris simulator, when any party has three pieces arranged in a straight line, there are three pieces. This is a piece that can be used to grab the opponent. But be careful not to pull the opponent's pawn that is already three when pulling the pawn.

28-2-nine mens morris simulator

In the process of playing chess, the position of the piece that has been pulled off will no longer be able to play the piece.

During the move, you can only move one unit at a time (there can be no intersection between the start point and the end point). If the opponent is blocked by a child, he cannot move.

If the player who is pulled has only 2 pieces or less left after the game is pulled, the player who is pulled loses the game.

In addition to nine men's morris online game, there are other similar games such as six men's morris and twelve men's morris.

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