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4:What Are the 10 Strategies of Checkers?

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If you plan to participate in a Chinese checkers competition, then you need Chinese checkers strategies to win the game.

The movement of the chess pieces can be carried out step by step in six adjacent directions connected by straight lines. If there is a piece of any side in the adjacent position and the next position in the straight line direction of this position is empty, you can jump directly to the empty position. The first to occupy all the positions directly opposite will win the victory.

Before starting to study these strategies, please remind yourself that this is just a game. The purpose of the game is to have fun, and sometimes the winning or losing of the game is not the most important thing.

27-1-wooden Chinese checkers board with marbles

There are many variations and gameplays of Chinese checkers, including Chinese checkers solitaire, Chinese checkers cool math games, Chinese checkers board game and wooden Chinese checkers board with marbles.

Rules & Instructions of Playing Chinese Checkers

1. The First Move or, the Casanova.

The first step is crucial. If you want to become a master of Chinese checkers, this will be a good starting point. The rattlesnake and cross track are the two most popular opening moves.

For the former, you can start with the outermost marble or nail, or the chess piece closest to the open game board. The latter moves your piece diagonally to the centerline.

2. Hopping or Tiggering

It’s useful to know your hop pattern and use it. You can set up parts to allow multiple jumps.

If there are gaps between the marbles, you can jump any number of marbles at will.

You can also change the direction from one space to another, as long as there is a space after the last marble you jumped off.

3. Look at the Whole Board or, Big Brothering it!

Pay attention to the movement trajectory of the chess pieces on the Chinese checkers wooden board. Another thing is to observe the opponent's actions. You can try to understand their strategy and adjust accordingly.

4. Cluster Your Marbles or, Cluster’s Last Stand

You gather the chess pieces together, lock and force other players to move around your marbles.

5. Blocking or, The Gandalf Maneuver

Stop the opponent from advancing by moving your marbles for chinese checkers game to the side of the other player to stop the opponent from advancing.

6. Building a Bridge or, the Bifrost

When you play multiple roles in the game, build a bridge so that your Chinese chess pieces can quickly jump from one end of the board to the other.

7. Moving from the Sides inward or, the Electric Slide

Sometimes, no matter how you play, you will find yourself on the outer edge of the board and kick it to the other side as much as possible. However, once you reach the final destination of your opponent's colored star point, you can fill it from the sides of the triangle.

27-2-Chinese checkers wooden board

8. Move down the centerline or, the Chakra Maneuver

From the beginning of the game to the end, push to the center line and continue to advance. If necessary, use other strategies.

9. No Stragglers or, the Keep’em Moving move

You want all marbles to move toward the opposite colored triangle.

10. Don’t Rush It, or the Thinker

The purpose of the classic Chinese checkers game is to enjoy the fun. So in the game you have to think carefully and move on, or move to the side or wherever you decide the best move.

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